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FML: Beginner Lifter


Today I did a little research on proteins and I just found out the for the last two years I have beent taking a ridiculous amount of proteins.
Instead of using the formula 1gram per pound I somehow ended up taking just 15 (fifteen!) grams of whey on my shakes.Instead of 130.




it took you 2 years to adjust your diet?


I concur.




I feel kinda stupid right now...
I have been drinking shakes that did not have enough proteins for a "vegetarian bird".

I can't remember how the misunderstanding started, maybe some confusion about the amount of proteins needed for one single sitting (on shake) and/or the total daily amount


...the fuck kind of protein are you using? My protein has 24 g per scoop..


what what, you never read the labels to your protein containers?


I guess I got all wrong/confused whit the amounts per sitting VS total amount a day end eventually I ended up taking almost no proteins on my shakes.
I also usually eat crappy food so that didn't help either.
Shame on me.


And it took you two years to figure that one out!?

Holy shit...


Simply Stunning.


Are you saying that your protein shakes only had 15 grams of whey instead of 130 grams of whey? While I agree 15 is probably too little, 130 seems ridiculously high. I keep mine around 50 grams/shake.


I don;t want to sound mean, but this guy is completely useless. If you have been following his comedy career over the years he has been posting on T-Nation, he plans to be a "beginner lifter" forever. He will make an identical post about making no progress in 2012, mark my words.

Even after 2 years here he still wonders if he needs a caloric surplus to gain muscle AND more importantly he is still overfat after 2 years on this fucking forum.


This was the first time people called him out on not eating properly.


He intentionally spins his wheels achieving next to nothing, and spends his time daydreaming about being doomed to fail. Pay no heed and waste no time on this specimen.

To the OP, read everything put out by Cephalic_carnage and Professor X on this site. its your last chance to make SOMETHING of yourself..good luck.


Am I getting this right, all this time you thought that one serving of protein contains 130g of protein? And two shakes per day will cover all your protein needs?



youre saying they dont?


I... you... I agree with you.




They do? Damn, no wonder I'm hyoogee, I take in 2000g of protein a day


Its too late for you now. You have seen the fourth face of the tribunal......


So what the hell were you drinking? Blended water?