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flys before bench


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myself and christian thib had a little disagreement on this very topic, pre exhaustion. he says it dont work whatsoever, i disagree. the thread can be found in the lair.

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If you want to be strong, don’t ever do this.

Pre-exhaustion is fancy for prioritization. If you want to prioritize flys over bench, then do them first. If not, then do them second, or third, or etc. I imagine this is something similar to what Christian T. said but I didn’t read the thread so don’t quote me on that. I also think pre-exhaustion is bunk.

interesting comments… if i want my pecs to get bigger right now… would pre-exhausting be good then?

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I can’t see why anyone would pre-exhaust the pecs with flyes before performing the bench press. This obviously is going to have an adverse effect on the weight you move on the big, compound, growth-promoting, multi-joint movement; just the opposite of what you want to do. If you want to fully exhaust the pecs with flyes, do it after you perform the bench press; you get the same benefit without taxing the load used on the big, mass promoting movement. This is exactly what I recommend in my Bring on the Bulk routine.


i agree with Joel on this one, as usual! I was going to respond with the same answer but i read through the thread first. This topic can go for other body parts such as biceps and lats. I always feel that the big compound movements should be done first in the workout routines followed by isolation excercises. Strength gains should be judged on how well you perform on those compound movements since those represesnt a higher percentage of the body’s muscle. On the topic of muscle growth, stimulation is key and this can be accomplished in many different ways with congruance. Meaning you can train the compound movements with high intensity low rep loads while training the isolation movements with lower intensity higher time under tension loads. laters pk

Ah yes. It takes someone like Joel Marion to bring this thread back from the brink…

Shame on you others! (Well, not MBE- he’s beyond redemption already). :-)SRS

thus spoke someone who hasnt met any heavyweight powerlifters or olympic lifters.
or maybe you were talking about the drugged up bodybuilders.
Or maybe you dont understand the physiology behind muscular hypertrophy (or at least the current understanding of it)
And no, weight itself isnt the be all and end all of hypertrophy, you will also have metabolic and stretch effects as well. But the whole point of preexahustion is to make it harder on the muscle to perform the exercise. Whats the point of making it harder to preform the same exercise when you are not going to stimulate the muscle as much (in terms of intraceulluar signals)
Read some of Mike Rennie, he has a short editorial on the subject in Journal of Physiology, 2001, page 535

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Pre-exhaustion is popular among HIT enthusiasts, but a person is supposed to move from the isolation move to the multi-joint move in 3 seconds or less. This is supposed to put you in a temporary position where your triceps (in this case) are stronger then the pectorals, and the triceps force the pecs to work to a more extreme state of exhaustion.

I have long thought and had it recently had it confirmed useless by T-Mag’s won Christian T. Why pre-exhaust? If you feel the pectorals need additional work after a mass movement, why not POST exhaust them, if anything. Perform flyes or pecdeck after the primary movement. The premise behind pre-exhaust is questionable to me.

The pec deck should be melted down into slag and used to make more weight.