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flys before bench

does anyone else try to do flys before bench to isolate more of the triceps and kill my pecs. I did that today and then I couldnt do shit for bench… or military… which was expected. but i was just wondering if Im doing anything wrong

I like to do one set of pec dec before i begin my bench movements. This helps to pre-exhaust the pecs so i can work them real deep. I do only one set of pec dec though, and you must be prepared for the ego blow it will have on you when weight is reduced on bench movements. Lastly i don’t o this all the time, i’ll do it for say 4 weeks and then drop it so i can do heaviver bench, and then add it about 2 months later again

spencer, exactaly how do flys isolate the triceps?

cappx, what do you mean by “This helps to pre-exhaust the pecs so i can work them real deep?”

P-Dog its scary newbies helping newbies… isn’t it…ARGH… Guys please read more info before you post…

P-Dog, i think spencer meant the flys will pre-exhaust his pecs so he will have to use his triceps more during the benching movements.

PDOG - what i mean is that if i hit pre-exhaust on pec dec before i begin my bench movement i find that i get a better pec workout. This is a result of taxing the pec with minmial tri help on pec dec and then hitting it again with bench…ok thats just as bad lets try again.

I used the word deep just as a discription of how it feels. All i ment was i find the pecs are worked more throughly if i first pre-exhaust on pec dec. thats a bit clearer!

P-DOG,I would assume the reasoning is not that the flys will isolate the triceps. Rather, by doing flys before bench it will pre-exhaust the pecs requiring more triceps to make up for the deficit in the pecs.

Fitone, Spencer Nadolsky could crush you between his testicles. I agree his post could’ve used a bit more clarity, but you calling him a newbie is laughable.

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Fitone…though it is not in my nature to get pissed off from something posted but your newbie comment just struck a cord with me so i can’t help but point out that what i said has been echoed by others…you newbie :slight_smile: …i can except the fact that this may have been a result of my word choice! but just had to post a reply, no harm done fitone!

Zev- haha- good call.
But I think it would be much more fun if you let Spencer and fitone fight it out between themselves. Don’t ya think?

Anyway, (sorry Spencer:-)), but I think if it was the Nobel Prize for literature they were gunning for, fitone would get the vote hands down. :-))SRS

Zev, you must realize that fitone has been hit by a car and, as such, may say whatever he wants whenever he so chooses utilizing his unique gramatical and punctual style. He is also bestest friends 4 liphe w/ Patricia, so I wouldn’t want to piss him off. Oh, and on his behalf, because it is bound to come out, are to tlaking about kettalbells? I dont’ understnd. Let’s ask Shrugs what he htinks.

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Zev: I’m not sure I caught your drift, you must be a newbie.

Spence: Yeah, i’ve tried it during a HIT routine. Beat the living crap out of myself, but my max went up(+10) during this period. I saw some impressive gains in my chest development too.

spence n didn’t mean to call you a newbie… It just look like a newbie post… sorry… I thought it was another spencer n not Nadolsky…

MBE- Doesn’t “whenever” have 2 n’s?


“…sorry… I thought it was another spencer n not Nadolsky…”

-Nice try dude, but you ain’t getting away with it THAT easily:-)). SRS

This is my favorite thread ever.

Sorry, I just plain don’t like flyes anymore. I would rather hit my chest with flat bench, flat DB press, or even Inclines.

haha thats ok fitone… im sorry for soundling like an idiot… i was trying to make it sound good… but yeah i did it today and i had to check my ego at the door because instead of doing 290 10 time i did it 6 times on the bench which sucks for me… i did 275 for 11 first… this is on flat bench by the way… I am glad to hear you guys remember me because i havent been posting much lately… i have been posting anonymous sometimes because of ncaa rules and stuff… but i have been reading the forum and magazine since the beginning… I just wanted to know if it works well to exhaust the pecs first before bench… i worded it pretty stupidly my bad!

Pre exhaustion is pointless

muscle grows in response to loading,

why would you want to load it less…

cycomiko… thats what im asking but what if i did it monday and then did it normally on thursday

cycomiko: Sorry, but if muscle only grew from loading, then powerlifters and weightlifters should be bigger than bodybuilders. Not! There’s more to growing muscle than just loading. Check out some of Ian King’s programs or better yet try them out for a lesson in humility.