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Flying with Injection Equipment?

Flying out of state for 3 weeks, I’d like to take my T injections with me.

I’m not sure if I should take a vile and needles. Or preload needles in my checked bags. What do you do?

Just take it all with you–no issues flying state to state.

To be on the safe side, you could have your doctor write you a note saying something like:

"I affirm that MaxCavalera is under my care for a diagnosis of hypogonadism. He may be carrying the following items, prescribed by me, whilst travelling:

ANy questions can be directed to my office at "

I’ve flown all over the world with T and syringes in my carry on. No issues (shockingly even in Korea). Put the stuff in an insulin pouch and separate out clearing security. If it looks legit and you aren’t hiding it you’ll never get questioned. If it appears you’re diabetic, by using the pouch, they won’t dare bother you fearing a potential lawsuit.

I put it in my carry on and when I got to security I just open my pouch up. Also I put the vile with the box in a zip lock baggie and set it on top. No problems at all. I was worried for nothing.

Surprised. Figured TSA would flip over the syringe being a possible weapon. I have a headspace and timing gauge for an M2HB on my key chain, and had to explain to TSA what it was.
TSA: So, it’s a tool?
Me: Um, sure.
TSA(trying to look visibly upset): OH! You can’t fly with tools! You could use them as weapons!

I had to argue with him briefly before a little common sense crept in.