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Flying With Fighter Jets


I want to do this BADLY...


This just made my bucket list.


You guys are both fucking nuts lol. Jet fighter escort passenger YES! Wing with two jet engines strapped to my back fuck no...be my guest.


Pussy :slight_smile:


I know someone who is a pro athlete who if they gave a shit could get a "ride" in a fighter jet just for being who he is, I'm sure of it. I've been bugging him for years but he could give two shits lol, my plan is to have him set it up but I show up for the orientation and take his place...I can dream can't I?

Nothing short of a ride on the shuttle could top a ride in a fighter jet imo.


In this case guilty as charged no question. Everything leading up to, but not including hurling myself out of that plane I would be all over, that should account for something.


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