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Flying Squirrel Routine

Can anybody in here do the Andre ‘Flying Squirrel’ back routine? I was going through my old MM2K mags and saw it in the Jan 97 issue. What would you have to do to get that strong??

Natey could you post that routine i would love to have a look at it and then figure out if i could give it a go :)thanx

happy training and productive workouts to yah!!

I tried that routine a few months ago and didn’t even come close to finishing it.At 186 ibs, I can do 5 wide-grip chins with an extra 45ibs around my waist.Poliquin says it is reserved for people who can chin with atleast 33% of their bodyweight as an additional load for 8 reps using a supinated shoulder-width grip.
Flying Squirrel Routine:
1-Sternum Chins 5x4-6 6-0-1 tempo/4 min. rest intervals

2-Subscapularis Pull-Ups 3xmax reps 5-0-1 tempo/3 min. rest intervals

3-Negative Close-Grip Chins 3x4-6 6-8 sec. negatives/3 min. rest intervals

*use additional loads if possible

I don’t even know how I’d do on that routine. I’m up to 6x4 w/ an extra 22.5% on pullups, but I only saw the routine today, so tomorrow (back day) I’ll see how many I can do w/33%. It looks like a brutal routine man would I be impressed if someone could do it.

It’s in the Poliquin Principles, and if I remember the routine correctly my answer would have to be…no no I can’t do it. This Andre guy was an Olympic athlete. Therefore I don’t feel too much shame. But I think with enough training I could to it eventually. See ya in 2101. :slight_smile: