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Flying Spaghetti Montser in Playboy


Just wanted to throw out a message to The Flying Spaghetti Monster! May you all be touched by HIS great Noodly Appendage!

HE was listed in the marginalia section of the latest issue of Playboy.

And there are some great pictures of the awesome former sports announcer, and former babe of The Best Damn Sports Show Period!, Lisa Guerrero in there too!


Yeah, that's what I'm gonna look for when I "read" a Playboy, the flying spaghetti monster.




Apparently he really DOES read it for the articles!

And a second thought...why would I want to be touched by someone's "noodly appendage?"


Caught a preview of Lisa G's layout.

Her tits are enormous, and awesome.

Oh yeah, I'll keep my eye out for the spaghetti monster... lol



I want to believe.....


Hey, it makes perfect sense.

Who hasn't given his noodle a little lovin' while perusing the "non-textual" parts of that fine mag?