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"Flyboys" has just been released on DVD...For those that assume the Black character included was merely a feelgood Hollywood invention (a suspicion justly assumed considering past transgressions), I assure you this is not the case in this instance...I present you with Eugene Bullard: Raconteur, Foreiegn Legionaire, Soldier Of Fortune,muscular pugilist, and badass T-Man of an era hostile to his kind...This plate is from John Toland's 1980 Book "No Man's Land"...


Studio shot of Bullard in French Foreign Legion 170th "Swallows of Death" uniform...


and in heroic painting...(More can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugene_Bullard


and lest we forget that they were using state-of-the-art technology for the times, the result which could be expected (i.e.:"real bullets"), in this case from German press sources (clipped from the book "The War Against War" by Ernst Friedrich, not to be confused with any WW1 books by hero Ernst Junger ("Storm of Steel", a must read for buffs, Junger was later unjustly accused of inspiring the rise of the Nazis and the fame of Erwin Rommel merely for writing his true life "adventures" in WW1)...


How is the movie?


Incredible topic, mostly ruined by Hollywood cheesiness.

I understand not every war movie can be Saving Private Ryan, but sometimes I just wish that if they weren't going to make it realistic, they wouldn't try to deal with a topic like war combat.


Cheesie movie but the aerial combat scenes were pretty neat.

I saw it in the theatre with my son. Well worth it.

I heard the lion they kept as a mascot was also a true story.


Great post. This guy was the real deal.

Here are some of the medals he earned while flying in WW1 and spying against the Germans in WW2.

The Germans called him the "Black Swallow of Death". Cool nickname.

Knight of the L?gion d'honneur
M?daille militaire
Croix de guerre
Volunteer's Cross (Croix du combattant volontaire)
Wounded Insignia
WWI commemorative medal
WWI Victory medal
Free French Medal
WWII commemorative medal