Fluid Retention and Muscle Tear

Was injecting EoD quads only. Tnt and mast e 3ccs a day. Left quad swelled up went to doc then the hospital had emergency surgery because of an abcess. I always alcohol swapped the vial and the area I was pinning. I used alcohol wipes not alcohol solution and a wipe. Idk f this made a difference?

I’m going to ask the ortho who performed it tomorrow to find out what the deal is. If its from injections I don’t think I’ll ever inject again even though my dream is to be a pro bodybuilder but shit like this is fuccking rediculous. Any thoughts tnation users? I may just go with oral only cycles and run them for like 2-3 months at a time

Take a look around. This isnt a common occurance. Either your gear was shit or you contaminated something somehow.

I’ve been using this dudes shit for a while. Started first cycle 1x pin a week glutes test e for like 8 weeks. Started up again in January 15 on my bday and was pinning eod. When I was shooting the tnt I ended up shooting 3cc of it never got a tren cough but I did taste the metallic taste but very minimal. I don’t think his gear is garbage. Another buddy is using his shit. But fuck idk if I should just start Pedro g online lmfao