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Fluid in Knee

Hi all,

Roughly a year and a half ago, I fell while walking to the gym. I was carrying a bunch of stuff and hit my knee very hard directly–leading to a considerable amount of swelling and a great deal of pain. The injury took about three weeks to get better, but I did not see a doctor about it (in hindsight, a stupid call).

The knee started bothering me about four months ago: leg day and I heard my knee pop a little bit. The knee in question now feels noticably different from the other one: there’s some sort of an indention or something that one can feel in the affected knee.

I’ve been training with it since, as it never really caused much discomfort. But in the past few weeks, the knee would feel very balky after workouts: difficulty bending it and whatnot.

I went and got an x-ray last week, and they told me that I was being referred to Ortho because the x-ray showed that while the knee was never broken, there is a buildup of fluid visible in the xray.

I’m seeing Ortho on Monday, and I’m just curious as to what I could be looking at injury-wise. My gut reaction is that I probably tore a ligament the year and a half ago, and it healed causing scar tissue to build up and subsequently fluid to enter the joint. I’m guessing that they will do an MRI on it. What are the other possibilities? How is fluid removed from the knee?

Thanks in advance for any input.

My dad had fluid in his knee from playing football… Im sure medical technology has come a long way since then but from the things he has told me about the fluid removal I’m really feeling for you right now. Hope it goes well and they may not even have to do that much.