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Flu Vaccine

Watching the news this AM, and this media frenzy on a shortage of flu vaccines makes me wonder.

How many T-men/vixens get a flu shot annually?

I, personally, have never received a flu shot. Watching these people line up at the crack of dawn to receive a flu shot seems a little extreme. I’m of the opinion that if I get the flu, and it kills me, then it was my time to jump out of the gene pool.

The one thing I don’t understand about this whole rush to get a shot is that they’ve said on the news several times the vaccine is not the same strain of the flu as the one that is causing the major problems this year b/c it mutated after the vaccine was manufactured. Now they say it still provides the best protection available and it has been about 5 years since I’ve had bio…but assuming the virus has taken on a new protein coat, what good is the vaccine? Won’t the antibodies and t-cells be tuned into the first strain thereby allowing the problematic strain to walk on in since they have no “directions” to attack it…and your body will just have to manufacture new antibodies as if you never got the vaccine?

I’ve never had a flu shot either, and I also wonder what the big deal over it is. I just never thought that the flu was that big of a deal, and if I do get it, then it’s not too much of a biggie to me. If it’s meant to be, then it’s meant to be as you said. Maybe i’m a hippie, but I like to let things proceed as intended without intervention unless necessary.

i’ve been thinking about going to get it, right now I have no insurance, i’d have to “sneak” into city hall lineups.
However, i obviously dont want to take away from any elderly or babies who may need it more. Even if its a different strain its better than nothing at all. What pisses me off is after all this news is generally extremely healthy families & adults taking in their extremely healthy (older) kids & teens to get these shots after they hear about the shortage leaving someone like me who is at much higher risk to decided whether i should get it or not because I dont want to take away from someone who may need it more. I think their ignorant asses should be shot. Of course the thing the govt worries about more is another flu epidemic to mimic what happend in the past - where most of the victims who died were in the age 15-30 range.

On another note, a college student in our state recently died from the fiji(?) flu.

Do a search on this.
Ireally don’t want to inject mercury in my body

LV 426


I have to get it every year because

  1. I work in health care.

  2. I’m in the Military and everyone who isn’t allergic to eggs gets one.

I am one of the unfortunate ones who got sick with this damn bug about two weeks after my shot. Still trying to shake it as of today.

question for yall…

remember that walmart nasal vaccine?

yes, the one containing a live virus.

yes, the one that was a spray that easily gets into the air and breathed in by others.

could this possibly play a role?

I got one for the first time this year. I teach and in late October I started seeing the kids already get it, so I thought I’d head it off this year. I’ve gotten the flu every February for the past three years.