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Flu Shots: Beneficial?

The reasoning against flu shots seems well-argued and well-documented. What do you think?

Ive never had one and never will.

Its nonsense and breeds superbugs, not to mention I dont get sick anyways.

I don’t get them. It is a guess as to which strain will be going around and I don’t trust them.

I’ve never had one . havent had the “flu” in probably 10 years…maybe longer . havent even had a cold in almost 3 years .

for the last 4 or 5 years , about this time of year , I begin to see the news reports about an upcoming “flu-shot shortage” . but I’ve never ONCE had anyone tell me they werent able to get a shot .

whats up with that ?

I don’t get them. I get the flu it seems every other year anyways :shrug:

I have never gotten one(due to my fear of needles). That being said I am fighting the good fight as of right now. On the 4th day of this flu shit and if my sinuses don’t clear out by tomorrow, I’m blowing them out with the air hose. This is bullshit.

i’m with westlock.

HOwever, someone brought up a different perspective to me the other day.

He had a new born, and you know their immune systems are generally pretty weak. Is everybody that sure flu shots suck that they would take the risk of bringing whatever current strand of flu is into their household around a newborn?

Never had one, never will.

Good article entheogens. Last year I got a flu shot and still got the flu. The previous two years, I didn’t get the shot and didn’t get the flu, so I can’t really vouch for the validity of getting a flu shot.

Flu shots are good for the elderly and the young (read: generally immunocompromised).

You do not have to worry about breeding a “super bug” with immunizations such as this. “Super bugs” do not commonly refer to a virus such as the flu. “Super bugs” are bacteria such as MRSA and are usually caused by people not using antibiotics according to the prescription.

Mandatory in the Air Force. I wouldn’t mind as much if it was an actual shot, as my immune system is just fine. But here they give us a “flu mist” which is a liquid they shoot up your nose to drain down the back of your throat. Quick guess what happens when you shoot a vaccine into your head and let it drain down the back of your throat??? Probably 75% of the people end up getting at least a sore throat, if not a full blown cold within the next two days.

Gotta say I’m against them.

Gota say I’m for them.
Lived in Michigan where it seemed everyone was sick in the winter.
Most all activities are inside - in close proximity to others. As soon as your system gets a bit weak-then it strikes.
Survived for years without them,but after injection I had no influenza. After the vaccine, I think I may of had a couple of colds in five years-and they were mild ones.
Never missed a day of work because of illness after that.

[quote]Zap Branigan wrote:
I don’t get them. It is a guess as to which strain will be going around and I don’t trust them. [/quote]

Right. I haven’t got one in years, and I am not going to let my kids get one this year. First of all, it seems like it reduces your chance of getting the flu very little and, second of all, who wants to risk getting the mercury there putting in this stuff.

After all, so what if you get a flu for a few days. It’s not the end of the world. Now I understand that the elderly are most at risk when it comes to the flu and can even die from it. Maybe the small amount of increase in immunological defense the shot provides is worth it in that case. I am not even sure of that.

[quote]sjoconn wrote:
Flu shots are good for the elderly and the young (read: generally immunocompromised).[/quote]

There was mention of a study a week or two ago that seemed to contradict that, at least in the elderly. I don’t remember where it was, but it said something along the lines that the elderly in good health were more likely to get the shot than those who were in poor health.


I also was talking with friend a couple of years ago who was doing his masters in Epidemiology. He described the process by which they come up with what types of flu they include in the vaccine (the reason you may get the flu despite the shot, is that there are many different types).

Essentially, they use a bunch of statistics and predictive models to come up with the most likely types to hit. The kicker is that they have to do this well over a year in advance in order to have it ready for distribution in time for that years flu season. Also, they only include a few different types in the shot (3 or 4, not sure), so even if they predict right, you could still get sick from another variant.

I personally don’t get them for those reasons, and also because when I do get a shot, it seems to make me feel like crap for a day anyways. Plus incredible soreness in that bodypart for another 2 days. Worse than heavy eccentric doms.

I got one flu shot one time and have never been so sick in my life, missed 2 weeks of work over it. I’ll never get another one.

I wanna see Prof X weigh in on the thimerosal issue. I see the mercury issue thrown around everywhere.

I’ve never gotten one and never needed one. I played in the dirt a lot as a little kid and always had pets, so I’ve always been exposed to a lot of pathogens and don’t see the need for something like that.

I get one every year. Have been doing so for at least 12 years. Never get the flu. Can’t remember the last time I was really sick with the cold or flu either.

Drink your raw milk and you shouldn’t have to worry about the flu.

My wife is exposed to people with the flu frequently so our family is considered “high risk” for the flu. Before last year I’d get the flu every January or February. Last year I got the flu shot and didn’t get the flu so I’m going to keep getting the shot.