Flu or Food Poisoning During Bulk

Ive been bulking over 4000 calories a day and more than 300 grams of that is protein from whole foods now im sick ill spare the details but cant keep anything down and im dehyrdrating at a alarming rate when does the 30 pounds ive gained over the passed 4 months become jeapordized i know its not all muscle gains but a fair ammount is and im worried about the new additions

If you lose any muscle in the span of the time you are sick, seek immediate medical attention, as you may have some sort of metabolic wasting disease.

Otherwise, you will be fine.

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Shouldn’t take more than a couple of days to replenish.

FWIW: Gripe Water (for babies) is awesome for nausea and vomiting. Get the big bottle from the local pharmacy with cold and flue season coming up.

I lost nearly 10 lbs from that day felt normal next day but weight takin its time comin back and im missing last 2 or 3 reps on everything compared to week before

Yup. That sounds like what happens when you get food poisoning.

Musta been those damn dippy eggs

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Dippy eggs? 5 internert dollars says you’re a yinzer from the Burg? Am I right?

Closer to hershey than anything. Is dippy eggs not a universal term?

Nope. Dippy eggs and chipped ham are pretty exclusive regional delicacies.

Don’t forget pop. It’s never soda.

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