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Flu, Food and Training.


I tried to use the search but nothing concrete came up. Now I know people still stick with their diets and don’t miss workouts, if they just don’t have a fever, but do you all just bite your tongue and stick with it?

I’m on day 6 with the VC and I’m already having strong flu symptoms. Good thing for me, I usually don’t have a fever, but my nose and eyes and throat are killing me.

Flu and fever boost ones metabolism, right? So sticking with the 1400 calorie off day, my deficit is actually even more…

Then there is the training? I may be a sissy but it really does affect me quite alot. Things feel extra heavy and I don’t have any strength.

I just want to hear opinions, tips and stuff. Eat your vitamins and mix some garlic to your shakes, yes? :stuck_out_tongue: