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Flu Finally Got Me


to get over this goddamn flu quicker. I've got my zicam, vitamin c, garlic, green tea, and i even got some probiotics to help with immunity. How much of each of these should i take? Is there anything else i should be taking because right now I'm getting really tired of putting up with this shit.


Blueberry juice according to some of the studies in the blueberry post.


Buy some organic aloe vera juice.This stuff will give your body the nutrients it needs and will build up your immune system.
Hope you get better soon.

                         [quote]Doc Stig wrote:

Blueberry juice according to some of the studies in the blueberry post.[/quote]


Um. Ahem. You aren't, perchance, a chicken farmer???


I know what you mean. In the last five weeks, I've had a cold, then the flu, then bronchitis, then a cold, and now bronchitis again. I work in an ER and tis the season, so many people are coming in with these different viruses. I haven't had a viral illness in years, and now I've had all of them. Makes you really and truly appreciate just doing the daily stuff with the ease and comfort of not having some virus to weigh on you.

Sounds like you're taking a bunch of good supplements. Are you a naturopath? If not, I heard that Zicam stuff works wonders, as well as drinking lots of fluids, rest, good nutrition. I'm taking Tylenol every 4 hours and Motrin every 8, which really helps a lot of aches, as well as a multi, b-complex with c, one extra serving of a protein supplement (shake or bar) and a hell of a lot of green tea and a lot of extra rest. Mostly, it just takes time for the immune response to obliterate the invaders and the rest of the stuff we're doing are supportive measures in the meanwhile.

Anyway, hope you get better soon!


no i just want to get this shit out of me as quickly as possible


LOL, No I'm not a naturopath. i just know lots about the stuff i guess. The zicam that i have is that new kind where the medecine comes in a small plastic spoon and you stir it in your drink. I hope that its all its cracked up to be. i never get sick and thats why i am taking the supplements i am taking. I hate being stuck in bed all day.I;ve had this shit since fridy so, hopefully, I't will all be over soon. Now if you will excuse me, my fever is breaking and i need to go wipe down because I am sweating like a whore in church


another question, should I be taking tamiflu as well? I have a bunch left over from when my mother was sick


Try some Kiwi, I heard it got a higher Vit C content then oranges for it's size.