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Floyd Mayweather's Next Fight


should be against Paul Williams at 147 (welterweight). I know Williams is fighting at middleweight right now but he has fought the majority of his career at welterweight. It would be the modern day Hearns vs. Leonard, Williams being Hearns and PBF being Sugar Ray Leonard.


are you kidding? Williams doesn't even have much pull. the only fights he should take are the winner of Pacquiao-Cotto or Mosley. he's been dodging Cotto and Mosley for quite sometime now anyway. knowing Floyd, he'll pick a fight with a smaller guy that has to move up in weight lol.


Why would I be kidding? Paul Williams has an 82" inch reach, and is 37-1 with the lost that he avenged in devastating fashion. His long reach and speed would make for an entertaining boxing match stylistically.


It'd make decent sense because Mayweather was dodging Wright for so long.


he also doesn't have a Pacquiao, Cotto, or Mosley following. not the mention that it'd be boring.


Everyone's next fight should be against Paul Williams. That poor fuck can't get ANYONE ANYWHERE to go near him.

It's really sad, because he's in his prime and a true killer.

But Floyd's next fight will be either Mosely or Pac, probably Pac because that's what the public will be clamoring for after he dismantled Marquez.


It's a shame, I can see Williams as the only one out there who will give Floyd serious problems.


Williams isn't the only one out there who Floyd won't fight because they would give him trouble. One thing I like about MMA and specifically the UFC is, if you can fight you will get a chance. Ducking dangerous opponents and only taking big money fights is not as big of an issue.

BTW, does anyone know the buys for Mayweather-Marquez vs. UFC 103? I heard there were a fair number of empty seats at M-M. I think Floyd needs Pac or Mosely more than they need him.


Then go fucking watch MMA and stay the fuck off this thread.

Start your own thread masturbating about the awesomeness of UFC and leave this one for the people who actually like boxing.


Mayweather and Sugar Shane would be an awsome combo. Even though Mosely is coming to the end of his career he has gone up against all takers and even though he seems to have lost that lightning speed he had in his early years he still has speed and skill enough to give Mayweather a good fight.

I do want to see at least one more fight for Mayweather before Pac man name even comes up. For no other reason than this is becoming one hell of a book and if he matches up with the Pac man on his next fight It would be like skipping 10 chapters to the end of the book.


Williams won't bring a big enough payday for Floyd and I don't see him coming down from middleweight. Like everyone else said, it'll be either Mosley, Pac, or Cotto.


A lot of fighters out there need to learn the old art of shit talking. Ali only got his shot at Liston by talking an awful lot of shit. Mosley needs to get a bus, get a loudspeaker, and follow Mayweather around calling him a sham, dodger, uncle Tom and whatever else it takes to get his shot.

Same goes for all the other nice guys.


Amen. That's what I would do.


did you see mosley/margarito? yeah, he can give more than a good fight, and can whoop ass like he's their daddy.


LOL @ Mayweather dodging fights... They always say that, a year later (if the opponent did his job and is worth the money) he punches the guy 20 times in the face for 12 rounds, then models for clear skin.


I agree with you- I always defend Floyd when people say he dodges guys... he really doesn't. Alot of the guys that people say he's dodging really aren't all that good (Margarito) or don't bring ANY money to the table will providing relatively little upside (Williams).

But Mosley- well, that's a fight that just should have always happened. Kind of like RJJ-BHop II.

Floyd does, however, get knocked for picking on smaller fighters- and for the last couple years, it's been rightfully so. Hatton, Marquez... these are not guys that are really in Floyd's weight class. Cotto, Margo, Mosley, Williams, Quintana, DLH... those are the guys that Floyd really SHOULD have been fighting since he moved up to 147.... not making natural 135/140 lbers. move up to welterweight so he could fight them in a mismatch.

But, that's the boxing business, for better or worse.


why should floyd fight williams? there is no big money in that fight. and im still confident floyd would counter the shit out of paul all night. and ive been talking up the punisher forever. floyd would box his socks off. really dont see anyone under middleweight fucking with floyd. shane- fast and is not gonna be knocked out. can hurt floyd but can floyd hurt mosley? prolly not. but shane is really just a brawler florified as a pure boxer. he is only fast when he gets his hands going.

floyd would catch him with right hands over the top all night to an ud. pacman- i really wanna see this fight. but if only to shut people up. i think pac goes down within 6. his agressive style will allow floyd to find him out very fast, leading to a huge check hook. he can catch pac with counter hooks and lead rights all night long. williams would get countered before he even brings his hands back to his face.

cotto i think is the toughest fight for floyd. great jab. great great body puncher. very technically sound boxer. easily the biggest guy floyd will have fought. still think floyd is too fast and will just go on cruise control. floyd is the premier fighter of are era. top 5 p4p all time. imo.


Floyd Mayweather and Shane Mosley would be a boring fight to me since they both have the same kind of counter punching defensive style. I could see where Paul Williams height, speed, and 82" reach (longer than Muhammad Ali's) would give Floyd trouble. If Williams stayed in the center of the ring on the outside using his range, it would have to make Floyd come forward and start being the aggressor instead of backing up and counter punching like he usually does.