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Floyd Mayweather's FB Status


"Manny Pacquiao I'm calling you out let's fight May 5th and give the world what they want to see. My Jail Sentence was pushed back because the date was locked in. Step up Punk."


Can imagine the post fight interview if he wins:
"So what's next for Floyd Mayweather?"
"...Well I'm going to spend a couple months in jail. And stay away from Asian looking people while I'm there. Money Team represent!"


Hahaha!! HELL YEAAAA!!!




If he doesn't step up I will punch a stranger.


Truth comes to light....Arum is really scared of Money May killing his cash cow, and makes Pac look like a punk in the process


Wednesday - "I'm ready to put my belt up. What about you Manny Pacquiao? Let's make history"


Yesterday - "I only want one person and it's Manny Pacquiao."



Great interview here with Floyd where he's talking about the whole thing.

And you can all tell me how right I was, because Floyd says here that he fought the southpaw Ortiz because he was a tuneup for Pac. :wink:




It's been known that Pac is dodging this fight. Arum doesn't want anything to do with this, since his pockets won't get lined up fully.


If this fight doesn't happen

Man I just want something bad to happen to Arum.



Mayweather is making Manny look seriously bad.


So if it does happen do you guys think this is going to be a good fight or what? Do you think it's going to go the distance, with some good solid exchanges? anyway, hopefully this fight finally happens.


I'm a Mayweather fan but if I was Pac or Arum I wouldn't give in right now. Mayweather is acting with a sense of urgency because he's about to go to jail, and he wants to continue raking in money, but they basically have him where Arum wanted him the whole time. Pac will keep his fans, and they will pay to watch him fight anybody. Mayweather fans are a little less inclined to pay $60 a fight to see him toy around with someone nobody thought had a chance anyway. If I'm Arum and Mayweather wants the fight, I'd tell him to kiss my ass it'll prepare for lock-up. If he still wants the fight talk to me in August.


That type of thing will absolutely ensure that this fight will never, ever happen.


Exactly wait till Mayweather goes to jail for a month or 2 sitting on his butt possibly getting messed with in jail. Might screw with him mentally and make him weaker for November. It's a strategic move.

To be honest there appears to be a lot of back and forth and from what I'm hearing they aren't even meeting to negotiate the fight. It's just a lot of talk in the press to get people sucked into the fight again because people love trash talking. After 2 years Mayweather is desperate to make this fight happen now. It's just weird.


Both sides are going for "Greatest Brinkmanship Of All Time (G-BOAT)". They have been for a while. The funny thing is that a best of 3 series would be more money than any of this one off BS. Both fighters lack any other real opponents.

I think both are/have been scared depending on their mood, and they should be. Pac/Golden Boy should be terrified of going 10 rounds in of mostly missing and coming out in the 11th to face someone who is bigger AND more technical than him. Money should be worried about not making mistakes with someone who can hit that hard, that often. Mayweather has the edge, but he is also less used to facing danger. That isn't a shot, just recognition that he has been so much better than his opposition that he is 42-0 and when was the last time it looked like he struggled at all, De LaHoya?


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