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Floyd Mayweather Behind Bars




They should strip his title.


Why? This charge has nothing to do with his boxing. He's a scumbag, sure, but it's not like boxing has a good moral character clause for the title (or most of them would be vacant).


So...did his ex agree to pre and post fight screening for PED's or?

Doesn't change his title, and a 3 month bid should only hold off a Pac fight for...3 months, plus a 12 week training camp. This is not a reason for there not to be a fight.

'Sides, I think he was framed. Look at the new research:


Robert A



Seriously though. They put a guy in jail for 3 months for hitting his girlfriend? What? Did he box her up or something, cos I have a hard time justifying that long of a punishment unless it was a full on assault.

But hey, I'm Asian, we're all used to this shit. Our women assault us all the time.


He did it before.This time punching,arm twisting and hair pulling in front of the kids.But 3 months in too much in my opinion.A month rotting behind bars to think it over would be enough.


I heard she went to hug him and he cracked her with a left hook.


I'm tired of these rematches. The only fights I want to see are Mayweather v. Pacman with Mayweather's old lady v. JMM on the undercard.


They should just castrate him. Great boxer or not (I think he is even if he is a piece of shit!) there is way to much tolerance for this type of thing. They need to set some examples.


You are an idiot.They did set an example.He got 3 months of prison.
They should castrate you so you dont pass on your stupidity.


Hair pulling, punching and arm twisting are no good to do is front of the kids. Keep the kink for the bedroom, Flyod.

You've got 3 months of introspection to do now.


I thought asian women knew their place and were respectful towards men?


He loves an audiance. No way he sends anyone away.

In reality this is the whole Floyd Mayweather picture.

Fantastic boxer, in the running for greatest of all time. Awful person, not record breaking awful but awful.

I am fine with a 3 month sentence. I may have issues with some of the laws/mandatory repercussions surrounding domestic violence in the US, but 3 months for battery in general is not a lot. The only mitigating factor I would listen to is if the girlfriend was an equal participant in the asshatery.


Robert A


No, castration or other physical maiming is not a suitable punishment for misdemeanor battery. Tone down the histrionics.


Robert A


I won't be surprised if she were. I suspect she provoked him. I'm sure she was enjoying being punched around and fought back. I can guarantee she got a rise from the hair pulling and arm twisting.

And no, I'm not being sarcastic.


That's a different angle than I was going. I was more on the "fighting words" to "mutual combat" on both sides thing. The "I love drama" angle honestly didn't occur to me.

It should also be noted that misdemeanor battery is a pretty low threshold of physical contact, like "any unwanted contact" low. A heated argument between two assholes who can't put the well being of their children ahead of their own wants that gets physical is not in the same category as felony battery. If I was going to simply guess, I would venture that Floyd, being a confirmed self centered ass, attracted another self centered ass and they had kids.


Robert A


Sorry to kill your fantasy Count. You guys ruined it for us in the 90's. I blame the magazines.

But hey, at least sex is better. Got an older friend that told me stories about how he'd feel he was fucking a 200 year old corpse during sex. At least chicks do their part now.




x2 & x3; Schwarzfahrer & Sean agree as well


Well,we can only hope kids didnt inherit the self-centered genes :wink:)