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Flower Growing on my Potato?


Just checked my potato, normally I notice little root things after a while which I cut off and then bake. Today, I noticed a plant growing out of them, like several pink bulbs with fuzz on it.

Can I cut this off and just bake the potato?

Looked online for this info, got results from people saying the sprouted roots are poisonous and I shouldn't eat them, which probably is bs, but nonetheless nothing on pink bulbs.


You got yourself a potato tree growin.


you do know that a potatoe is a root similar to carrots, etc...it is the part of the plant that is underground growing in the soil.

Being that potatoes are like $3 a bag or so I think you should just throw them out or grow a nice flower for your garden and buy some fresh stuff.




The sprouts are somewhat toxic. I don't know about other growths but would be suspicious of them. I wouldn't eat that.


Are you sure it's a potato and not a yacon?




I like


that was pretty damn funny


yea that made me laugh

found a similar pic to whatever jebus grew on the potato

they look like little elves.