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Flour Tortillas for PWO?


For my PWO meal I'm thinking of things like like flour tortillas, white bread/bagels etc. Whst do you guys think? I love starchy carbs like bagels but i never eat them because well...they're bad for you so if i can actually eat them PWO it would make it alot easier to resist them during the day.


Well, considering I would eat gummi bears and candy post workout during this offseason, I'd say flour tortillas are on the healthier side lol...But really, I think that they're totally fine. PW is the time when you can get away with having something like that better than other times.


So two pieces of white bread and a tbsp of grape jelly is okay?


I'd prefer stuff like potatoes, rice, etc PWO, but if you really can't resist bagels/tortillas before working out (which you can, it just takes some effort) then by all means have them PWO.


you might as well have some Ezekiel bread with some fruit-flavored jam (there's some good ones out there, blackberry, cherry, etc). tastes boss.


I just had 2 chicken fajitas (chicken, lettuce, salsa) on smallish wheat/corn tortillas, PWO after some high-volume back training -- and I feel great.

But, I'm a fat fuck, so don't listen to me.


What kind of rice/potatoes? I'm also trying to get a little leaner i probably should have mentioned that.


Sweet or white potatoes, any kind of rice. My fav is Basmati (Indian).



And if you eat potatoes id say lean towards sweet.
It I eat a baked potatoe I have to put something on it, like cheese, butter, sour cream.
I can eat a sweet potatoe plain.

Baked potatoe and cottage cheese sounds good right now. With an 8 ounce steak or chicken breast. Add some sweet peas or broccoli. Got a good pwo meal in my opinion.

sweet potatoe and grilled chicken go together really good if no one has tried that combo yet
Edit: like mixed as in your chewing chicken and sweet potatoe at the same time.....


Personally i stay well clear of any wheat products - man made rubbish which spikes your blood sugar like no ones business, also like most grains contains anti-nutrients that actually hinder the absorbtion of other nutrients

I'd say now and again it wont kill you but there are a lot better starchy carb sources out there

To list a few: rice (any kind) but i like basmati or brown, rice cakes, scottish or rolled oats, quinoa, sweet potatoes and white potatoes...

have a look at some of Nate Miyaki's stuff on here - he wrote an article basically listing all carb sources and graded them accordingly


My post is not about tortillas it's about eating some procesessed pseudo-food (I don't think tortillas qualify for it, though, as they're quite clean, rather, traditional hungarian cousine in a form of tin-canned stuff)I used to be a big believer in "you can get away with shit Post-pre workout".. No, you can't. At least, I can't. It's not about water retention or body composition. It's about feeling shit and experiencing gastrointestinal discomfort from shitty food.

It's good and great for about.. 5-10 minutes while you eating the stuff. After that, it's hell, especially the nights, my intestines cramp, and I have diarrhoea the morning next. Not so funny. ^.^

I prefer rice wafers, oats and stuff like that. Easy to consume, easier to digest, gives helluva energy. Solely for pre-post workout, I limit starches apart from that.


Post workout is the best time to eat whatever carbs you want.


I thought you wanted to eat high GI carbs PWO so why are rolled oats a good choice?


You may want to read: "Hormonal Responses to a Fast-Food Meal Compared with Nutritionally Comparable Meals of Different Composition"

Google: "Lyle McDonald" and "Hormonal Responses" to find it. I'm 99.99% sure any link to Lyles site will get removed.

Basically, 3 meals were compared: Fast food meal, Organic beef meal, Organic turkey meal.

"the metabolic response between the three meals was essentially identical. There were no differences in either insulin or blood glucose, the fatty acid profile makes perfect sense given the composition of the meals and blood lipids showed basically no change."

In fact, read about Nutrition from Lyles site and let that information trump the stuff you read here.


The GI index is overated at best. When you have a meal consisting of protein, fat and carbs, the actual impact on blood sugar and insulin differ very little due to the addition of the fat and protein. If you were to just eat lets say half a cup of brown rice vs a slice of white bread then yeah, you'd see a significant difference but when it comes to eating a proper meal like we all do, it matters very little. The choice of carb should come down more to the actual quality and nutrients within. Ie sweet potatoes are full of vitimins as well as being a great source of carbs.

The only thing i'd say is if you are highly sensitive to carbs or diabetic, then its a different story, and i'd be looking at the glycemic load as opposed to GI.


Im thinking a cup of cold white rice with half my PWO protein and some sweet and low. How does that sound?


They have natural antioxidints to decrese lactic acid and create an alkaline enviroment which stimulates muscle growth PreWO, PeriWO and PostWO.



Sweet n low??

Eat that shii like a man. Throw that sugar packet away.....

Id suggest oats instead. Good source of soluble and insoluble fiber, has some protein and is a good source of carbs.
Oats mix well with natty peanut butter and protien 2 for a tasty pwo shake


Are you talking about a shake/meal taken immediately after the workout, or the first solid meal after the shake that's immediately after the workout? In another thread you are asking about maltrodextrin PWO.


Im talking about immediately after after the workout the other thread i posted was about the slap energy drink but i figured since im hungry from cutting calories a whole food Pwo carb choice would help me stay on track.