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Anyone ever eat this fish? Taste deliciuos! I need the 411 on it, someone fill me in. EPA/DHA? Protein? Omega 3? and 6? Thanks

I’m from Nova Scotia originally; flounder is almost a staple in that neck of the woods! It is, IMO, one of the best tasting fish, I love it breaded and fried in butter, on cheat days only of course! Poach or bake it otherwise. Here are the goods:

One 4 oz serving

Cal: 104
P: 21.4
C: 0
F: 1.4 (so little it doesn’t really matter about it’s profile)

And that would be cooked…how?

Baked sir.

Any kind of fish = protein with a tail.

Over here we have lots of pink salmon, which is also good.

I would tend to think that flounder is a lean fish. It probably doesn’t have much EFA’s.

Definitely a tasty treat. Being originally from Nova Scotia, myself, I grew up on it, too. Broncoboy, breaded and fried… the memories are coming back to me now. I’ve never seen fresh flounder here in Calgary, though. Perhaps someone can point in me in the right direction.

Flounder is definately a favourite of mine!!

Here in Australia we have an abundance of this funny lookin

bottom dwelling fish. Favourite way to eat it is whole baked

with lemon and a little butter…

.2 g omega 3 compared to 1.7 for pink salmon, and 2.5 for mackerel.

ko, eat the flounder for its taste and pop some eph/dha pills, get your omega 3 and 6’s from something else. It gets boring eating the same shit all the time right?

Instead of having a set meal plan i just know what to eat when. It makes it much easier and you dont end up eating the same stuff all day/everyday. Only draw back is doing the calaoric-math at every meal.

CKB - You can get Pacific Flounder but it’s just not as good. I have never found Atlantic flounder in the west.

I used to get fresh Atlantic flounder from a “weir” in Five Islands from an old guy who used a horse a buggy to retrieve his catch when the tide was out. He would fillet them and sell the cleaned fish for $1!

I like to saute unbreaded fillets of flounder, fluke or sole in olive oil. Just a little grind of black pepper and a pinch of coarse salt are fine. You could also use some Mrs. Dash or other seasoning mix. Fillets dredged in flour or breadcrumbs are also excellent and I suppose, the more traditional way.
Great tasting fish but, as others have said, low in omega- 3’s.
Check out the NY Seafood Council’s site for some good info. http://www.nyseafood.org/