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spring hill

Hialeah, just outside of Miami.

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Hey guys,

I live in Pembroke Pines FL. I’ve been experiencing some discomfort in my back area, possibly Kidneys when using Creatine. I’ve made an effort to drink lots of water when taking it, but the discomfort persist.

Is there anything else out there that someone can recommend using that’s just as good as creatine?[/quote]

Hello, I’m new here and by no means an expert these things. But, creatine is one of the chemicals in the body that impact Kideny Stone formation.
If you are getting pains in your kidneys when taking creatine, the presense of a stone(s) will hinder the expelling of excess creatine from the kidney. The pain could be from pressure build in the kidney while trying to transfer urine down the pipe. Additionally, if your creatine expulsion is out of wack, your citrate expulsion (pissing out) levels are probably messed up also. This is the perfect environment for stone formation. The first step would be to have your doctor check your pee for blood. The blood will not be visable to the eye, it is tested with a dip stick. Even if blood is not present, you should have a MRI. X-rays will show a calcium stone but not a uric acid stone, only the MRI will do that. Get this done as soon as possible. FWIW, I had a stone the size of a quarter and showed no symptoms until one day the little monster decided to push out of the kidney. That episode laid me up for four months and there were other complications that messed me up for a couple of years. Thankfully all the problems are gone now; but it was a one hell of a rough trip. Get looked at.

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Fort Myers[/quote]


I have an estranged friend who I miss terribly from Delray Beach.

sarasota/bradenton/lakewood ranch area.

I kinda live where they all meet, haha

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Yulee… I know what you’re thinking…where’s Yulee…just north of Jacksonville, on the Georgia line

Moving to the Destin/Ft. Lauderdale area in 2 weeks

Transplant from Long Island, NY currently living in Dunedin, working in Oldsmar;

Anybody familiar with the Daytona Beach area? I’m spending January and part of February there, and won’t stand to work out at the hotel gym. Know of any Gyms in the area? Thanks guys.

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Moving to the Destin/Ft. Lauderdale area in 2 weeks[/quote]

Destin to Ft. Lauderdale is a real big area.

North Port(Sarasota County)