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Floridagirl's OLAD Log

I came across Dan John’s “One Lift a Day” program, and was struck by the simplicity. I have some psychological hurdles with regards to weight lifting that I’m trying to clear. That is, I make excuses in my head, i.e. that I’m “pacing myself” or otherwise let myself believe that I’m at maximum capacity when I’m not. OLAD looks like a great way to force myself into honesty and maximum exertion, while hopefully making strength gains as well.

My food log is here: http://www.calorieking.com/public/?member=erica057 . Supplements: Fish oil, CLA; Surge post-workout; for my lazy thyroid, prescription Synthroid, iron, vitamin D, and B12. For my five lifts, I’m doing BB rows, DB chest press, military press, back squats, and rack pulls.

While my main goals at the moment are fat loss and improving my boxing, I look and feel much better when I’m also lifting weights.

No makin’ fun of my wussy lifts, just pretend that there’s a 1 or 2 on the front of the load :wink:

8/10: 7x5 bent-over barbell rows, using tips for good form from Mike Robertson’s “Wanna Grow? Gotta Row!”. 50-60-70-70-60-60-50

Boxing workout with my trainer for 90 minutes in the evening (I lifted on my lunch break). Just my luck here – he has NEVER had me really do any lifting before with our workout. But today, after the boxing workout, he had me do 3x10 circuits on the cable machine: French press, reverse curl, seated rows, iron cross, pulldowns, and rear pulldowns. I was NOT anticipating that after my bent rows day! Such is life…

Day 2: 7x5 rack pulls, unfortunately I forgot what I did for all seven sets, but my best lift was 130. I did do the “wave” format that DJ suggested.

90 minute boxing workout with trainer in the evening. Feeling wiped!!

Day 3: DB bench press. I always do push-ups instead of bench, so my load was pretty piss-poor. 30-40-50-50-50-40-30 today, right before a 45-minute striking class. Since the striking class isn’t as taxing as boxing with my trainer, I lifted right before the class as I’m trying to work on my stamina. Ended up drinking half my Surge between lifting and striking, and the other half after the class. Sparred for a 4-minute round at the end.

Tomorrow, squats and no boxing.

I am considering whether or not I should swap military press (I plan to do this on Saturday) for snatch-grip upright rows. Partially because the bench press also hits the anterior delts, and partly because I wonder which would be more beneficial for boxing. If anyone reads this and has a suggestion one way or the other, I’d love to hear it!

Day 4: 7x5 A2G back squats. Forget the exact weights, but my max was 80 :-\

Day 5: 7x5 military press. My max was 50#. Took my cheat meal tonight (beer and wings) out watching the Jones/Lacey fight.

Well, I finished week one and I am sore as fuck. I can definitely understand now why DJ suggests a week off after three weeks. I am looking forward to next week, though, particularly with the decreased volume. 7x5 is really killer.

You’re kickin’ ass in here! Good training!

[quote]whup wrote:
You’re kickin’ ass in here! Good training![/quote]

Thanks!! I am really liking this stripped-down approach, because it keeps me honest and has me working to full potential rather than pacing myself. I don’t think I’d do OLAD permanently (mostly because 5 days of weights + boxing is so time-consuming), but I will probably switch to a simple push/pull/squat once I complete the 4 weeks.

Week 2! This week is the same lifts, but 6x3 instead of 7x5.

BB bent rows today during lunch. I did them at home which kind of sucked (I hate working out at home, too many distractions). My max was 77lbs (I don’t have an Olympic bar, mine is 12 lbs). Maybe tomorrow I will wake up early for lifting since I’m boxing after work.

Evening: 90 mins boxing with trainer. I had sooooo much more stamina than last week, even through burpees. I think it might be related to the 7x5 workout, since last week I feel like my endurance was particularly shitty. Hopefully the rest of the week is at least as good as today. Particularly because my trainer wants me to do Monday through Thursday this week!