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I will be attending the University of Florida next fall. I am interested in being trained in Olympic Weightlifting. Would you per chance have a contact name or gym you would recommend? Thank you.

Stay tuned, my friend, I think Nate Dogg can help you out here. But he’s a Weekend Warrior, so wait it out till tomorrow, at least.

i’d be intrested in knowing. . . . i go to UF right now and i could use some help. . .

I have several friends that train and compete in Olympic lifting. We train at the Gainesville Gym (www.gainesvillegym.com). It’s the only gym in town with a platform, and my friends own bumper plates. If you are interested in learning how to lift, and training with them, let me know.

whats the membership fee?
i’m a starving college student, so i usually work out at the SWRC

It’s $99 a year (or $60 per semester if you go that route). It’s the cheapest gym in town. It’s also the dirtiest, smelliest and only hardcore place to train. The A/C and heat may not work, so it’s usually hotter than hell in the gym, but if you want a real workout, aren’t afraid to lift rusty weights or get a little dirty, then it’s the place to go.

Also, don’t expect to find the dumbbells or plates neatly organized on the racks or weight trees. It’s usually an Easter egg hunt finding what you need, but that’s why you only pay $99 a year. And if you’re there to see females, you’re in the wrong place. Very few females train there, although, there are a few, and most of them are there to actually train. It’s not loaded with cardio machines or weight machines, mainly free weights. You can get a free workout, or pay $3 a day to try it out.

And like I said before, it’s the only place you can do Olympic lifts since there is a platform. But you’ll have to be buddy-buddy with my friends if you want to be able to borrow the bumper plates. As they keep them under lock and key.

Thanks for helping these Young Bucks out, Nate. I knew you’d pull thru!

Who’s the man? LOL! Bro, all I can do is give them the info they want. It’s up to them to decide whether they truly want to venture into my gym and learn the ropes of Olympic lifting through some friends of mine!

Hey, thanks Nate Dogg! I should be in Gainseville somtime late summer. I’ll give ya a shout.

How long have your friends been training in Olympic-style? Are they associated with Team Florida?

Definitely let me know when you are headed this way and if you want to check out the gym. I can always get you in for a free day to give it a try.

Yes, my friends are members of Team Florida. Chris Folenius competes in the 69K class and ranked 2nd at this past year’s American Open. Chris Singleton usually competes in 105kg or above and usually places in the top 10. Both have been lifting for a number of years. Folenius has ranked 2nd or 3rd almost every year for the past five or so at the American Open and Nationals.

Let me know if you want to know more information. Like I said, the gym isn’t pretty, but it’s cheap, and it’s the only place in town where you can actually do Olympic lifts. If I introduce you to Chris and Chris, I’m sure they will take you under their wing, if you are serious. There are a few other guys (Bill and Bruce) that also train at the gym and compete as a part of Team Florida.