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Anyone else live in Florida – specifically the northern half of the state? I know that I’m likely the only T-Man in my “health club,” as I seem to be the only one who squats and deadlifts on a regular basis. I live in Tallahassee.

I live in Tallahassee too. I’m a senior at FSU. I usually lift in the school gym, but don’t like it to much. Its crowded, and they don’t allow the olympic lifts. Apparently “explosive” lifts are too dangerous. Right now i am mostly interested in the power versions of the snatch, clean, etc. I need more explosive strengh and size for jujitsu as i am pretty small at 5’10" 155.lbs. If you are interested in getting together and lifting sometime let me know.


good to hear there’s another T-Man in Tally. I too am a senior at FSU (graduating in Dec.). The Leach Center is always jammed packed, but I guess that’s what we get for going to a school with 37,000 students. I’m lifting for muscle size right now (in the 8-12 rep range) and am 6-1, 185. You should come check out Premier Health and Fitness Center sometime, it’s as big as Leach, only not as crowded. I’ll get you in for free since I work there.

GO GATORS! Jason Braswell and myself are in Gville and train at the same gym.

Nate Dogg,
Are you coming up here for the UF-FSU game? If you are maybe we can get a Florida T-Cell group meeting going that weekend here in Tally.

Sorry bro, but I’m not headed that way for the game. Should be a good one though! If I ever head that way, I’ll be sure to let you know.

That’s OK Nate Dogg. I hope that the game is a good one (and not to cold; it’s an 8 p.m. kickoff).
I’m actually more of a Syrcause fan than a Noles fan (I lived right outside of SU for 21 years before I moved to Tally in 2000), but I root for the Noles since I go to FSU.

I live in central Florida (Melbourne to be exact, an hour south of Orlando), and there are no T-men in the entire city, but infinitely worse yet, no T-vixens (tear).

Guys, just a lowly freshman at FSU…lift at Leach 'cause I’m a broke college student and can’t afford a gym membership anywhere else. Good to know that there are other T-men at FSU…

Hey FSU’ers, fellow Nole here, but now living in the Ft Lauderdale area,thus if “y’all” ever make it down this way, want to hang, lift or the such, let me know.

I think there are few other t-men in the area, none of us meet up or anything though.

To the guys that lift at the Leach: What times do you get in there to lift? The times I went (in the afternoon) it was extremely crowded and made it hard to get a good workout in. It’s too bad we can’t use the football team’s weight room; the place is huge.

Hey Oneday,

Are you lifting with anyone right now? I looking for someone to lift with, as all my friends are lazy bastards. I usually lift in the morning/early afternoon.


When I used to be at FSU, Leach was just built and the funny thing was we allowed Olympic movements (I was a trainer there) and the football players came to lift at Leach (though, they were not allowed) as well as other teams. The best to lift then, were 10-4pm and after 7:30pm till 9 or 10 (I don’t remember what time we closed). Also, there used to be a Golds run by the Mays brothers where women had their own side and men, we had our own side, nothing but hardcare lifting. Only one female was allowed tolift on our side (pro-BB, Michele something).

Winter Park, FL

anton, I lift six days a week, normally hit the leach in the afternoon sometime, although my lifting schedule will change next semester(hopefully) as I have applied for a job at the leach as a fitness instructor. Look for me, always wearing a cutoff shirt, headphones, and wearing a Jaegermeister hat…

Hope everyone enjoys tonight’s game. Even though I’m an FSU student and fan, I think UF is going to pull this one out, 24-13.

I live in the Destin area. Currently attending the Navy School for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (bomb disposal). Anyone here for the somewhat lame Spring Break? No time to play during the week, but my Fridays are free to get together and blow off steam.