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Florida Seminar, Hey Nate!!!

I tried several times to respond to Nate’s post regarding how many other T-Maggers are registered for the Orlando Seminar. My response never showed up. Mr. Shugart said the post was flawed, and responses are somewhere in cyberspace.
So I am posting the same question. I am looking forward to meeting my fellow T-Maggers and our fearless leaders. I don’t contribute to the forum, but enjoy it immensely.

Nate, you’ll know me by the fact that my arms are almost as big as my legs, and not in a good way. I am rehabing from two lower back surgeries and am really apprehensive about doing squats and deadlifts. I am hoping that I will learn how to do them safely and get back on track. A physique resembling a 100 watt light bulb was not my body building desire 4 years ago!
I hope that this seminar will be a friendly, Testosterone-filled gathering of a Brotherhood and we all have open minds and leave are egos at home. See you there. Bitt

Registered last week.

Jeff, I was wondering why no one responded. I thought my fellow T-men were ignoring me!

Sweet! I look forward to meeting you there! Don’t worry about not being built like you want to. I’m going through PT for my shoulder and knee, and that has caused my training to make a drastic change with super-light weights on many exercises.

Like I said, I'll be the little guy there (5'4" 145lbs)! With short hair, a goatee, earrings, and of course the yellow Type R. And I'll have to wear my T-mag shirt, even if I don't quite fill it out as much as I would like to!

Maybe after the seminar I’ll stretch it out! I’m looking forward to going! Does anyone know what time it begins on Friday? I’ll be driving down that morning and need to figure out how early my ass is gonna have to get out of bed! Not that I’ll be sleeping much the night before because I’ll be too excited! Woo hoo! It’ll be like Christmas!

I’ll be there as well. My workout partner isn’t making the trip with me and there’s no way in HELL I’m dragging my woman with me so I’ll be going solo. I’m 6-1 about 250 right now but with a little help from my next Androsol/Nandrosol Stack maybe I’ll be 260!

I’ll be there as well. I also responded to Nate’s post and was wondering what was up. I can’t wait either. Still not sure about the time frame of it, like Nate said, if anyone knows please share with us. I live in Tallahassee so its not that bad of a drive for me. Look forward to seeing everybody there. - Nic

Hey All, I will be there too…speaking, of course, on both Feb 2 and 3rd. Perhaps after a rigorous day of learning (I cant wait to hear some of my collegues speak and to learn some things from them!) we can all hit the streets of Orlando for a testosterone filled good time.

I am hoping to go to the seminar, but would like to know if there are any Texans on the board that would like to fly out there with me, as I am terrified of flying. Well, I guess that is why they make Valium, Xanax, and Crown Royal.

Oh shit, it’s on now! John, you want to hit Jamlando? There are TONS of things to do in Orlando. Maybe I’ll bring some friends with me, and we can tear it up Sat night! And there are tons of hotties in Jamlando too! Just what a bunch of super T-men need after two days of intensive learning!

I’ll be coming from Gainesville, so it isn’t a long drive for me either. I’ll be heading home Sat night (or early Sunday morning) because I reserved a room for one night. But it could be hella fun!