Florida Rocks

Okay I just moved in a place literally across University of Southern Florida and even though Ive only been here for a week I love it already. Tampa is like a sprawling metropolis with something averaging 1,000 people incoming everyday. The traffic seems like its something im going to have to get used to but this whole area rocks. People are so relaxed down here its like vacation. I just havent found a decent gym yet, though Im willing to bet USF has a really great one.

Anyone live around Tampa know of any good doings around the city? Bars & Gyms particularly.

I lived in Tampa for about a year a few years ago, and still go back a few times a year. As I’m sure you already have heard, Ybor City is the “hottest” place to be. It is a great place, but go on thursdays so that you don’t have to fight the amateurs on the weekend. There are so many clubs there (like a mini Bourbon St.) just try 'em all and see what fits.

As far as gyms, if you stay by campus, you are not going to get anything more than a big room with some weights, usually OLD weights. Not that that is a bad thing, but they usually lack any of the latest or quality cardio equip. However, most will give you a year for under 2 bills, so value-wise, it’s great.

Get out and explore, Tampa and St. Pete/Clearwater have a ton of stuff to do. The beach in Clearwater is one of the best in the country, huge, white, clean, and loaded with girls. Park at the Surfside for $20, get some drinks at the bar and head to the beach.

…and if you have the coin, Tampa sports one of the best restaurants in the world, Bern’s Steakhouse. Among other things, it boasts the world’s largest wine list, coming in at just about 6,000 bottles, and a stock of over 700,000 total bottles. They age their own beef, grow their own veggies, and make everything both on and off the menu. After dinner head upstairs to the dessert room, your private room to enjoy over 100 ports by the glass, and every type of dessert you can imagine (I strongly suggest the Bananas Foster). Just make sure it is your cheat day :wink:

My brother will be graduating from USF in August, sometimes I wish I went to a real college.

I have been to Ybor city my first night arriving here. Within 30 minutes of my bieng there, two thugs took out a bouncer. They were wailing on him for a good minute before people standing around noticed what was going on. A bottle flew past my head as we were clearing out and hit some guy standing next to me in the skull, getting blood everywhere.

That was still awesome.

I diddnt know Clearwater was so happening though. I defidently need to check it out.

Im going to check out that restaurant tomorrow night, sounds great.

Also, im not used to all the crack-heads jumping out places asking for money. I love the stories they come up with too, like today, “Ya see, this guy stole $5 from me and well, as you can see, I have a torn ankle and I need $3 to buy a bus ticket to go see my son…” and they’ll just keep talking to you until you give them money. One guy was like “I know Im black…” and thats all he said so I said “yea…so?” and he just walked away.

The hobos are a nuisance, but they are entertaining. Do they ever get violent or can I tell em to piss off?

As long as you don’t spit on them or whatever, hobos are harmless. Just say “sorry, man” and continue on your way.

I’ll be in Tampa in a few weeks probably.