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Florida Porch Lifts


I figured it would be wise to start a log.
Please feel free to point out weak spots, or programming suggestions.
I started lifting in rehab a few years back, when I was 160 or so pounds.
I have been fairly consistent since then, but never had very specific goals.

Now, I just want to get stronger on the main lifts, however I am not overly concerned about my bench numbers going up, and I would like to stay healthy for future children. I am 5'11" and weighed 182lbs at the start of this log, two weeks ago.

I also have my ACE certification, and would like to eventually get into the training field, with the hopes of opening my own gym. I am realizing that certification doesn't mean much, but it was a start. I will be looking into a strength and conditioning certification, and possibly an olympic weightlifting one as well. In the mean time, I will keep experimenting with programs on myself.

So what I am doing now, is 3 weeks of my program, and then four of 5/3/1.
I will alternate between the two, increasing the weight as prescribed on 5/3/1 each time I come back to it.
Mine is pretty straightforward. Two weeks of moderate volume with 70-75% of a "training max", then 1 week with slightly less volume at 80-85%. I'll be deadlifting or squatting every workout and finding an ~1RM on both lifts once a week. Meaning it will not be a real grinder, but something I felt good about.
I'll use that number to base my percentages off of, and see what happens.

Also, I will be cycling lift variations. So it will be front squat one week, then oly squat, then low bar wide stance. Deadlift will be conventional, sumo, stiff legged, then deficit. I do need more weight, so I may start doing rep maxes with the deadlift until I can purchase more iron.

So this is starting two weeks ago, I guess Wave 1/Week1.


Also, I do not have a bench yet, so I will be doing floor presses until I get one. And I will add in ring push-ups/dips.
This is last week, or Wave 1/Week 2.


Last week. Wave 1/Week 3

Didn’t get many opportunities to lift this week. A good friend got married and I was a groomsmen, so that took up most of the week. Very much worth it though.
This week starts my first wave of 5/3/1. Pretty excited about it.


Wave 2/ Week 1

Nothing to note here. Everything felt good. Not a big fan of the deficit deads, but hopefully they will help with my initial pull from the floor.


Wave 2/ Week 2





First 4 week cycle of 5/3/1. It’s pretty enjoyable. I feel like I wont stall on that for a while, so ill try and keep the assistance stuff fun.
Back to my programming for 3 weeks.


Wave 3/ Week 1


Wave 3/ Week 2


Wave 4/ Week 1
This is my second cycle of the 5/3/1. I am not doing the bench this cycle, and am doing Romanian Deads instead of conventional. Holy hamstrings.