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Florida PLers


Mainly Ft. Lauderdale-Miami.

Any on here?


Orlando has a few powerlifters too.


I'm in SoFla again. Weston/Davie area after graduating UF.


I'm in the NW/panhandle.

Pensacola Beach


West Palm Beach here. Plan on doing my first meet in November.


Tampa FL


Yeah, most FL PLers seem to be in Orlando/Tampa. Thats why I was looking more for Ft. Laud and under. since im in Sofla


What meet? There is an RPS meet up your way in august, and a USPA around the same time in PSL


Do you compete? What gym do you lift at? There is an RPS meet in Ft. Laud June 15


Will be at RUM next year.


I am doing the USPA Meet in November which I believe is also in PSL. I wanted a few more months to get back in the swing of things. I stopped going to a commercial gym and turned my garage into one so my training got jacked up for a little while until I could get settled.


Im in Tampa as well. Where are you guys working out in Tampa?


I think Richard Ficca lives in Tampa area. FB him, a pretty strong 275 lber who has a good PL squad.


I go to powerhouse gym in north Tampa. There is a lot of power lifters and bodybuilders there. Not a very pretty gym but a great atmosphere and awesome place to train.


Ahh yeah i know Rich! Never knew his full name though. Hes a really good guy.

Ahh okay... I go to the downtown Powerhouse as well as Tampa Barbell now. I havent been up to the north PH yet but ive heard good things. It can't be any douchier than downtown >.<


One here from Miami. I train at Idolmaker.