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Florida High School Football

A question for those who know about Florida High School Football.

For years we’ve known about the passion and support Texans have for High School Football, and how that system has produced some top-notched players. It seems as though Florida is now putting out some awesome talent in Football.

I am not suggesting that Florida is the only state with top-level Football talent, but what is the High School Football scene like there? Competitive? High fan support? A lot put into the programs? Just curious…

Just a “bump”…

2 Major factors help the talent level in FL. 1. Florida is the 4th most populated state in the union. More kids means more talent. 2. Spring Practice is not allowable in most states but in FL football players get 20 more practices and a half football. Texas is a talented but again they have the #2 populated state and I believe they have spring ball also.
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Take a look at ‘Friday Night Lights’ it’s a great book about a year in the life of Texas high school football. A reporter practically lived with the Permian Panthers, one of the most successful Texas teams. Excellent read.