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Florida Dreamin' Article

Hi, been trying to find anything relating to this article online since the old site went down, cant find anything. Even used the internet time machine and that page didn’t seem to be saved.

Any chance anybody on here has it saved? Or Dr. Darden would be kind enough to repost?


Sorry, I don’t have that previous article. But I believe it became Chapter 21 in The Bowflex Body Plan.

Nice find!

It’s still saved in the wayback machine.


Wow what a blast from the past seeing the old forum. I didn’t know it had been archived on that site. I know there were several requests in threads on this forum to have access to the old posts and articles, but there was never a definitive answer as far as I knew. To what extent is the old forum archived over there?

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Generally the internet archive will save whole websites going back to when it started in 1997. But it does not generally archive message boards themselves. For a real blast from the HIT past check out the 97/98 mikementzer or classicx

dbol504, Thanks for putting up the internet archive from the old site. I miss the old site. I reread some of the other threads. There’s some really good material on there (and a lot of crap too). “Go Old School, The New Way” is a good one to reread.

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