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Florian Splits From Dellagrotte


[i]Marc Dellagrotte has confirmed that he and Kenny Florian have parted ways in a move he says will be good for both of them.

Speaking to Fighters Only this afternoon, the Sityodtong head coach said, â??There are no hard feelings. Me and Kenny have been good friends for a long, long time. We did good thing together. I think this is a good decision for both of us.[/i]


Apparently,Florian has moved to Tristar Gym up Montreal.


moving camps is usually a good idea...
I think more people should do this- in this case- I imagine delagrotta works well with kenny.

I dont know how much he can "improve"

thanks for the news.


Moving to Tristar is huge for KenFlo. GSP and David Loiseau train there. And Jon Jones started training there a couple of months ago. I assume Firas Zahabi will be his new coach.

By the looks of the article, it seems Dellagrotte likes to be in control of everything, and when it's not his way, it's the highway.


Seems like Delagrotte has taken Kenny as far as he can, (don't get me wrong, he is an amazing trainer) so will be good for Kenny to see a different approach.


He had a good run with Delagrotte. After a loss you have to change stuff up.

It may not be that Kenny thinks he's a bad trainer just wants another view on his game.


I feel it's just evolution. When you are with somebody for so long you both fall into patterns (ex: Chuck Liddel). It's not a matter of fault as it is the state with all relationships. Kenny needs to try something different if he's going to be a champion and unfortunately it's not going to happen with Delagrotte.

I got love for both and I hope the split was really mutual and professional.


I think that after two cracks at the title and still no belt, changing camps can't hurt. A new perspective never hurt anyone, and Dellagrotte won't be that bad off without Kenflo.


Figured it was moving this way when Kenny opened up his own gym last year. I'm sure they split on good terms and are still buddies; it's just time for Kenny to change up his training a bit. The days of training at 1 place your entire career are pretty much over for the elite level fighters.


I wouldn't go that far per se as far as training at one camp being over. I'd look at it more so as an evolution of the fight camp.

As the fighters skills are developing, so must the coaching. Every fighter is different and thus you must have coaching that understands and adapts to that. For example, lets go away from fighting and just look at S&C if your working with a local top level strength coach. Your going to see results. If you are working with say Poliquin, you are going to see amazing results. Because Poliquin has the skill level to adapt and improve from a variety of situations.

I have great love for Sityodtong, and I'm sure KenFlo's striking is as tight as it is because of Delagrotte. But, is it the best place for submission training, S%C, grappling, probably not. Doesn't mean it's a bad camp, or the idea of a solo camp is outdated. Just means that for guys looking to start future schools, camps, what have you; they need to be balanced in their approach and education so they can continue to improve their fighters.

Probably not going to happen tomorrow but give it time, evolution finds a way.


Right. This is a more-detailed response; thanks for filling in the blanks for me.


Florian should part ways from his brother. The worst corner man ever. Watch the BJ fight between rounds his bro tells him don;t be scared of his power. Great motivation. Why not tell Kenny he sucks, hold his breath, and you're getting tapped out in the 4th rnd.

I think his move was mostly due to tristar having great training partners.


This can only mean good things for Kenny. Hopefully he changes up his game a little and picks up a thing or two from Georges.


I think you're first person to respond and touch on what I think is the bigger issue with this. Will be interesting to see how his brother will "mesh" with the trainers at TriStar.