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Flop Sweat


When I was a little younger, I used to sweat rather normally when I trained. Maybe it was even less then normal. I could bust ass and have a moderate sweat ring going but nothing big. Now, I get drenched. I sweat like a fucking gross pig.

Any insight to why this might be and how one might go about reverseing this trend?

I don't mind it so much if I am working on the lawn on a blistering hot day, but inside....It's a little much.


Don't have any answers, but I've got the same damned problem. I don't remember sweatin' like this when I was younger, and Summers here are nothin' compared to yours.


hard to stop once it starts. The only thing that slows it down is eating less, and less metabolism boosting products.


Hmmm...now that's a thought. I have become quite the energy drink junky. That may be doing it...


It's hot down there in GA. Move up north.


Hell no! I hate the cold worse. It's not that bad anymore, the upper 90's to 100's are gone. I can deal with high 80's low 90's.


I sweat hard when others are walking around wearing jackets. Particularly after workouts, I mean after showering, relaxed, toweled off. Then, after dressing - bang: Im literally dripping. I have to towel off again, and then I end up sweating through my clothes on the way home. I thought it was due to eating habits that speed up metabolism and body heat. If so its a price I pay I guess.