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Floor SkullCrushers


Anyone else here do floor skull crushers?

I saw them done and I thought I'd give them a try a month ago. What you do is you set the weight down a couple inches behind your head on the floor for a half a second or so between each rep. You use a sort of pullover motion at the beginning of each rep to assist the extension part.

The results have been great. My upper arm has grown a half inch, my pressing numbers are all up, and every day I do these, the long head of my tris feel like lead and the next day like fire. Here's the best part, my elbows don't hurt while I do these. I don't know what it is about setting the bar down for a bit behind me on the floor but it makes it so my elbows don't hurt while I do them.

I just thought I'd share this awesome movement. It's the only isolation movement I can do for my tris without destroying my elbows.


Pretty sure they were just talking about this in either CC's thread or the DC training thread here, not sure which. I've no experience with them but they looked like a solid exercise.


its a good exercise. just make sure that the plates you use on them are 25s or smaller so that you aren't starting with the weight too far up on the floor. i agree with the part about it not hurting the elbows.


Yeah, I did a lot of them back when I was training in the garage with just a bench and barbell. I liked them a lot...I think I'll start doing them again my next 5/3/1 cycle.


Tate presses from your chest is pretty much the same thing as it's a triceps intensive exercise from a dead start. I love them.


Tried 'em today out of my rack, loved it. Regular skullcrushers always made my elbows feel like they were about to explode but these don't bother me at all.


Haven't done them in a while....good call


Yup, good exercise


Thanks for sharing about this Dudinator. I'm thinking of trying these now.


For those of you not sure how to do it exactly..


Looks like a win exercise. Thanks for posting that.


I know there has been a lot of discussion of them on the DC and CC thread, but I thought the exercise was so good that it was worthy of it's own thread. After all, the deadlift gets it's own thread every other day. Whenever I read logs I always see standard scull crushers, and in my experience floor skull crushers are superior in every way. My arms are really blowing up from these.


Excellent exercise. Added more mass to my triceps than any other.
Unfortunately, I blame them for contributing to my awful elbow tendinitis last year.


I like doing those kind of extensions with D.B.'s, Neutral grip, D.B. on floor and like you say do a bit of a pull over and extend. Your right, the "lazy head" of the tri's gets its ass kicked. I've found that my right arm does a bit more work when I use a straight bar.

With the D.B.'s both arms will have to do its own work. If you really want your ass kicked use a Jumpstretch or Woody band behind your back and do them it's brutal.
I'm like NYRAL, Tate presses are a good one to add to your "tool box".


Great move. favourite way to perform Tri-skulls with no spotter to ensure high intensity.


^Thats true.. I still like dumb bell skull crushers on a bench more because you can go alot deeper and get a better stretch. And as long as your arms arent going directly overhead (i.e. the dumbells are pressed away from your body at a 45-60 degree angle) it hits the triceps much better than a traditional skullcrusher.


Did you get acute elbow pain the first time you did them? Or was it something that kinda crept up on you?


What added benefit do you get from doing floor skull crushers over bench?

If its the dead stop, you can also just use a bench for that and leave room towards one end so you can set the bar down on the head rest area of the bench.


AKA Deadlift Skullcrushers. You can do them on a bench too, Just leve some headroom to rest the bar on. The benefit is the firing point. Some peoples sticking point is right from the initial "fire" or beginning of the movement. Plus the ROM is different because youre not "crushing" your "skull". ESP if you do it from a bench, you have an extra couple inches behind your head.


Crept up. But I foolishly ignored the pain for weeks before it became unbearable. Took me 8 solid months to recover.

I'd love to perform them now, but fear is a motherfucker.