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Floor Presses / Long Arms

Should floor presses be done in the literal sence (off the floor) or should I set it up in the rack, and do it like a regular bench?

The point of a floor press is to take the legs out of the bench press and work on the middle of your bench press. Do them on the floor. If you want to do rack lock outs that is fine, but that is to work on your triceps and your lock out.

Thanks for the advice but let me further clarifiy my question. What i am saying is that if the bar is resting on the floor my arms are too long to fit under it, so I stackup a few hundred pound plates and rest the weigh on them and lift it from there. Is this the proper way to do the exercise?

Use the squat rack to do floor press in


Haven’t you seen pictures of them being done? They’re designed to be done while lying on the floor inside a power cage that has multiple pin settings. Try to set up so that the pegs (where the bar will be at the beginning) are at a height so that unracking the bar should be similar to unracking it for a bench press. You’re apparently s’posed to lower until you’re upper arms are on the floor, pause, and then press, so try to set the pins so that they are just below the bar in the bottom position. You might also want to visit elitefts.com for a more qualified description and maybe a picture.