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Floor Presses as Assistance


My deadlift and squat are alright, but my bench is terrible. I was wondering can I do low rep floor presses as assistance in order to strengthen my triceps so my bench will increase. I am doing 531 now and Ill be doing the floor presses after I bench. Will this wear on the CNS too much?


If you're worried about your tris you can do close grip floor press. If you're too gassed on bench day, do them on your OHP day. That's what I did my last couple of cycles and things went very well. I saw big jumps in both OHP and bench.


Thank you, what was your rep range for close grip floor presses?


When I did 5/3/1, I always kept assistance work rep 8-12.

But I must stress that I have osteoarthritis and going balls to the wall on every exercise put me out of commission after a few months.

The "lighter" weight and higher reps did wonders for my joints


But isnt that different type of hypertrophy then doing low reps? I didnt think higher reps and low weight really improved strengths.


Personally, I was ramping sets of 6.


You need to re read the manual.

I told you how many and why "I" do the reps I do. JSKRABC told you his and neither of us is wrong. It's up to you to find the rep that best suits your need.

But seriously, re read the manual. JW recommends from 2-5 reps all the way to 20, depending on the exercise.



No way man. Your way is totally wrong. I know, cuz I did mine in the 8-12 range once and lost like 5 lbs of muscle that night.


brah everyone knows u gotta do kickbacks for tri strength.