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Floor Press

I want to start doing floor presses, but I’m not sure about setting it up. When I lie down under the bar it’s hard to get the bar into postition because my arms are in the way, I mean, I’ve got to reach above me & rotate my arms (make sense?). Is there a way to get around this? Is it even possiblle to do them by myself?

It’s definitely a lot easier/safer to get a handoff from somebody. When I do them, I just try to line myself up so there’s a minimum of external rotation required for the lift off.

I use dumbbells.

i wouldn’t do them by myself. first because it causes discomfort loading and unloading the bar if the rack is too far behind and second, they are a max effort exercise and what if you get stuck.

What exactly is the advantage of a floor press? Sounds cool, though.

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sounds like you are making things more complicated than they need to be. just set the the rack up so that you can unrack it like a normal bench and then lower until your elbows are resting on the ground. the bar should follow the normal groove of the bench, only it will stop short of your chest. Check out the Westside bench workout video to seem them done for real, as i remember all of the guys take the bar out themselves. good luck, this is a great max effort exercise.

Zak, was right, you might be making this too complicated. Assuming your gym has a power rack, just set the bars that are slightly lower than the appropriate depth. Lets also make sure you alternate with dumbells as well. Hope to help. In faith, Coach Davies