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Floor Press

I dont have the option to do the regular floor press. Is a floor press with DBs worthwhile?

Why don’t you have an option to do it with a barbell?

I dont have access to a power rack at my gym.

DB’s are alright just obviously can’t get the load that high unless you have someone hand them to you and depends how big the DB’s go.

It is the same way at my gym. We have no power rack, and our squat rack doesn’t go that low. So I used DB floor press and I enjoyed the exercise. I found it to be a decent substitute.

You can always get a spotter.

A spotter can easily hand you the bar, unless you are using poundages which he or she could not deadlift. This is where two spotters can come in.

I do my floor presses on the platform with a spotter handing me the bar.