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Floor Press


I was wondering how to include the floor press into my routine?

I squat and bench on monday and friday and DL on Wednesdays. Should I be using the floor press as as accessory lift to bench press on M/F or should the floor press just be done by itself as the main exercise for the day?


I'd say it depends on how you work it in. It could be a good replacement for bench or an accessory move on Wednesdays or after benching on M/F (but it would have to be less intense).


I do it on chest day.

I couldn't see doing it twice a week. Pick a day and try it, if it sucks then try the other day.

I don't see a need to do it all by itself.


Depends on what goals are. I would only recommend floor press as a main movement if you are training for a geared powerlifting competition or the lock out is the weak point in your bench. Otherwise, it gets relegated to accessory (if even used at all).

When you wear a thick bench shirt, the last half of the bench press becomes the hardest part for many lifters, which makes the floor press a good movement for that population. Weak lockout is somewhat rare for lifters training for raw strength & size.


i use it on chest + arms day as a finisher w/ DBs

hits the triceps really good. but theyre a little tricker to get into place.


I do lift raw and I can get the bar off my chest most everytime, if i stall out, its at 4-5 inches off the chest, my goal in trying to incorporate the floor press is to help with lockout strength and hopefully increase my 1RM in bench press.


Have you considered doing dead position bench press in the power rack. You would position the safety pins about half way up with relations to your ROM and start the press from there. I did these for 2 weeks and my lockout problem went away. I am sure I am going to need them again later as I increase in weight.

May I ask what type of training program you utilize that enables you to work through Bench and Squats on the same day? I can barely finish my Squat or Bench routine on their separate day and that's using a modified version of para-workout nutrition. I find it very impressive that you are able to accomplish this.


I just got done with a sheiko program and that had me benching m/w/f and squatting m/f and dl on Wed, ive just gotten so used to the format that i decided to make m/f squat bench day, its been working for me and I like it. I do squats and lunges for legs and bench and weighted dips for chest. I also vary the intensitys too, if i do 85% plus on one then i may go 60-70% on the other.


That makes sense! I do the 5/3/1 method and due to the rep and percentage range I have to skip a day in between sessions. And as they say constantly, "Do what works for you"!