Floor Press vs Pin Press vs Board Press

What are the main differences between these limited range of motion bench exercises?

*Pin presses don’t allow for any tension from the bottom of the movement -this makes it very hard to get the movement right and stay stable from the get-go. Therefore it can be very damaging for your shoulders -as for the benefits -I honestly don’t know as I have avoided it all together…
*Floor presses takes the lats and the leg drive out of the movement as it is nearly impossible to use these muscles when laying on the floor. That will allow you to put more stress on the tri’s and pec’s…
*Board presses are more “bench specific” as the leg drive and arch I your back is the same -thus allowing for more lat involvement.
I have never cared much for board presses as my triceps is a major strongpoint and I never would consider benching with a shirt (I’m just a gym wannabe powerlifter)
If you want someone expert in this field to answer your question go to elitefts where Dave Tate answers in the Q&A section of the page.

You can’t “cheat” or arch on a floor press…you’re forced to use strict form which makes it more difficult and is one of Pavel’s favorites.