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Floor Press vs. Bench Press


Just wondering how your floor press compares to your regular, raw bench. I'm trying to estimate what my max bench is at this point. So thanks ahead of time for your responses.


It's really going to depend a lot on the person, as some guys' floor press will basically be the same ROM as their bench press because they're so thick-torsoed.

Obviously, leg drive plays into this as well. 10% difference is the absolute minimum I expect.


Why are you trying to estimate your max bench? Why dont you just try maxing out.


Thanks Eric!

Gee, hadn't thought of that. LOL.


yes, that was sarcasm.


I train westside conjugate, so i just keep a seperate record. It appears my raw floor press is 385 and my raw bench is 425. If that helps. I'm actually looking for a PR today on floor press hoping for 405.


Go for it Gator, you know you got it...


I haven't taken a max on either floor press or raw full range for several months, but the last times I did, I had 335 raw full range and 295 off the floor