Floor Press vs Bench Press

So started using floor presses as a secondary big move for my bench and i got a massive pec pump and some nice fatigue in the triceps. It crossed my mind why dont they use floor oress in powerlifting comps instead of the bench. It predates the bench,it was the original horizontal press,it doesnt need any special equipment other than the rack,and judging is easier and its more fair since everyone has to touch the floor with their triceps. Just a thought i had,what do yall think?

What about people that can touch their chest before their elbows hit the ground? Isn’t that unfair?

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Ive seen fat big dudes from wetside touch the floor so i dont think that happens much.

What do I think? Might as well have half squats(some already get passed right?) and block pulls from just above the knee.

Kidding aside, I’m glad they don’t. Those things bug my shoulders.

Oh here we go again. DoubleFacePalm.


Why not clean and press, since that predates floor press?

Why not stone lifts, since that predates clean and press?

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Why not hunt for sustenance, as it predates strength training?


Why not? Because no one wants to see the inevitable pissing contest over whether a floor press meet should be able to call itself powerlifting.

Just something thats closer to the bench and kinda has the same move pattern.

But since the bench was originally an assistance exercise for the press, the heritage is there.

You should do strengthlifting. It would suit you.

I’ve been trying to restrain myself.

Why not just hang and swing from branches since that predates hunting?

Why not devolve into single celled organisms since that predates hanging and swinging from trees?

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Why not consume hallucinogens and try to escalate how to devolve further?

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Look,i understand most of these comments are sarcasm and jokes,but hear me out. The deadlift and squats already test the core and legs,so the upper body pressing movement doesnt have to include that too. What it should include is the biggest pressing muscle on the uppee body,the chest. Floor Press is the simplest one and i think judging would be way easier. Either way this is just an imaginary discussion we are not literally voting to change the powerlifts.

Zero sarcasm or jokes. All of my comments have been genuine. You would enjoy strengthlifting.

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