Floor press vs bench press

About what percentage of you bench press should you floor press be? Should it be easier or harder than a full range of motion bench?
I found them easier to do with my elbows out rather than in. So if I bench with my elbows in should I also floor press with my elbows in even though it is more difficult?


I’ve read that it’s at least 10% harder than benching because it’s harder to cheat. You can’t do anything but lie back & push.

i floor press less than i can bench press. about 80% of my bench press with a bench shirt. not sure about without a bench shirt, but the floor press is still less. yes, do all your pressing with your elbows in.

But the floor press is only a partial movement, correct? So I’d think it would be easier. (Been a while since I’ve done it, and I only used DBs at the time, I’ll have to try it in the gym next week.)

You get no leg drive, and very little or no lat involvement on the floor press, so it is harder. 80% sounds right.


The floor press is a great move and I do it once a week with an 88lb kettlebell. One arm at a time. Great carry over to full range bench presses.