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Floor Press for Chest?

Howdy Paul

May I ask your opinion of his exercise as a chest builder please?

I’m thinking of beginning my heavy push sessions with cluster e.g.1-1-1-1- 8-10 (x1-2)

Then onto incline DB’s then either flyes or dips…followed by a raise variation and then some triceps pump hell.

I’ve had great success with the 4 day PPL split using some of your 350, 50% and rest pause techniques, push rep and weight PR on 1-2 sets.

Stronger, leaner, winner winner

Thank you in advance coach

Not a fan of it as a pure chest builder as the ROM is significantly shortened. To the degree that the pecs aren’t getting very lengthened. It’s more of an integrated movement due to that lack of ROM.

Thanks Paul, appreciate you taking the time to respond