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Floor Press as a Bench Substitute for Those With Injuries?

It’s smart to include floor pressing to train alot exercises cannot do as well, which is the ability to develop complete dead-stop strength. Some experienced lifters say even pause pressing can achieve the benefits that floor pressing gives you (It has to do with physics). In these ways, you develop your upper body in every possible way.

Now I have a metal plate in my left arm from an injury I got 10 years ago.and I worry about going heavy on the lower halve of the lift that activates the stretch. Floor pressing feels much more safer and I feel more explosive. Can I just stick with floor pressing if I do alot of close grip work, overhead extensions and Overhead pressing?

What are you going to do when you get to the meet and have to bench?

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Why not just comp bench with a closer grip? Not necessarily “close,” but closer than normal. I’m assuming you’re planning to compete, so you would need to train your comp bench a good bit to be ready for it imo.

I am not a competitive powerlifter. I just want to build overall strength and power with the cards I have.

The answers are in the gym, brah!

Week 1: Bench press X weight. Note how it moves and feels.
Week 2-7: Floor Press
Week 8: Bench press X weight again. Note how it moves and feels. If you Are stronger, you will Be stronger.

If floor pressing and close grips makes your bench go up, they are a good substitute!

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Ah. The thread might be better suited for “Bigger, Stronger Leaner” than the powerlifting forum.


Yikes lol Any chance Chris_Colucci can move this over to that section?

Already done, the thread just got rolling before I had a chance to shift it.

Floor presses are definitely more shoulder-friendly, so you’ll be fine. Dr. John Rusin talked about some variations that can help here.

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You’re the best man thanks for the info!

For non-competitive powerlifters, I’m not really a fan of bench press in general, although floor presses are a fine exercise if they don’t bother your shoulder. I much prefer dips to bench press if that’s something you can do.

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Im just curious is this concern you have… just your own? Or have you been advised by a actual physician regarding limitation ? . It seems like the metal plate would already be under stress from the list of exercise you have listed.

Just my own. Usually when I bench press I feel a bit of a discomforting stress that seems to radiate to my shoulder area where you know, that “band” is located? Sometimes it feels like If I go too low It’ll snap. Something happened to my shoulder after the surgery tht didn’t become apparent until I started lifting more and more serious mostly on my pressing movements . Now idk what they did or what exactly happens to tissue after a surgery in regards to how much is changed or taken out but m y left shoulder area feels a bit more sensitive to heavy presses where the eccentric is emphasized ,

Well if its causing actual pain as in something isnt 100% or possibly fucked up… than your smart for not doing it and looking into alternatives.

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