Floor of Home Gym

Putting in a home gym. Need to think about what kind of floor I’m going to put in there.

Stamped concrete - Durable, cool looking, but I’ll probably end up cracking it with a weight, which would suck.

Carpet - Comfortable, but it will end up stinking when I lift barefoot and get all sweaty.

Wal-Mart Rubber Tiles - I mean those interlocking jobbies that you can pull up. A good idea, but my wife thinks they look cheap and flimsy, and I’m thinking I’ll trip over a seam and kill myself.

I’m going to drop a couple hundy on some rubber tiles unless someone has a better idea.

Thanks in advance.

Tractor supply has 4’x6’ 3/4" rubber stall mats used for horse stalls. Put down about 10 in my basement gym and they work great. I think they sell for about $50. Well worth it, in my opinion.

If you have a Tractor Supply in your area, go there. They sell 4x6 rubber horse stall mats, they are almost an inch thick.

I have two in my apartment side by side for a space of 8x6.

They are around 30 bucks a piece, but be warned they are heavy as fuck, and lugging them up stairs, around corners, and into tight areas is a real pain in the ass especially if you have to do it alone.

Totally worth it though, they are super durable.

I have the rubbrtmats from Bust body. They interconnect and are very sturdy,

I used to have rubbermats - but I’ve recently upgraded to Japanese tatami mats. As my home gym is also my sleeping room, I thought let’s combine practicality with aesthetics. Expensive, but looks good and protects the wooden floors.