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Flooded Basement and Oil Cleanup


So a recent deluge has left me with a flooded basement. My house was built in the early 19th century and we must be on the constant lookout for water seeping into the lower level. It started at around 7 inches two days ago, yesterday I got it down to basically nothing using a rented pump and a shopvac. This morning I went downstairs to have a look and it seems to have all but completely filled back up. Long damn day ahead of me.

My question has to do with oil removal. It seems that a good amount of oil leaked into the water, probably out of the furnace. The smell is strong and you can see it floating atop the water but it isn't there in palpable chunks, just a thin disparate layer. There may also be kerosene in some places from a storage container that was overturned. I need to get the oil company in here to get the heat back on (been off for three days now), but I know if they think oil is leaking they will call hazmat which could end up in some huge financial problems. After I drain the water today I am going to try and get the oil up myself.

Any suggestions on the best way to go about this? I haven't been able to find much on the topic other than sand and kitty litter. Any advice is welcome!


haha are you in NJ? We've had some problems here.....


In contaminated water we use absorbent pads at my work.


If you already have it mopped up, oil dry is the most efficient and economical.


Testy1: thanks alot for the advice, I'm going to look into those. I actually got a good amount of it up today with sand and 20 rolls of paper towels lol.

Fighting: I'm in NY about an hour north of NYC...haha we got absolutely fucked. The two feet of snow that had been around since January finally melted like a week and a half ago, which saturated the ground so when it rained here a couple of days ago everything just flooded and we're getting heavy rain for 24 fucking hours beginning tonight. The main road in my town is already closed down and people are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Its only a matter of time before we start chanting, dancing around a fire and roasting and eating the weak members of the tribe.