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Flood Interrupted Krypteia Programming

I am teacher who lives in Nebraska. We have had major flooding. On our second week of no school. With that being said…prior to all of this we completed one week of Krypteia. We are hoping to be back in school next week. I was planning on either starting back at week one of Krypteia or doing a 7th week.

Also, if we were to start again next week… we are done with school in 8 weeks, cutting the second cycle short a week. In the summer, we also have 8 training weeks. How would you guys handle this?

My original thought was to use krypteia from school right into the summer. But then I will have a few different programs and/or cycles going on at once. With 50 -60 kids and no help it can get pretty hectic. So, should I continue with Krypteia and continue it in the summer, or scrap it for the rest of the year and do a different program probably 5 and a dime , then when the summer comes start up Pass the Torch ?