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Flomax Good or Bad?


with having long term Ed problems (18+ years) I finally turned to Trimix injections. They are amazing. That being said, routine urologist visit, DRE excellent, PSA .02 but he had me urinate and then ultrasound the bladder.... He then came back in and said I'm not emptying the bladder. I don't get up at night to pee, but I had noticed a weaker stream, and I do go about every hour during the day?

I also drink between 1.5 and 2 gal a day of water so I think it is to be expected? He prescribed .04 mg a day Flomax to help my "bladder empting issue"
TRT 300mg a week
Anastrozole 3mg a week
I was running higher dose of TRT, but started with anxiety issues so backed off.
Generally E2 stays in check 22-28 but did climb to 48 on the higher T dose (600mg a week) I didn't adjust A-Dex high enough

But either way 600mg is unnecessary for me and I find moderate dose of T makes sides less.
What is the verdict on Flomax? are the sides worth the good effects?


Tadalafil also addresses that problem while having obvious benefits for erections. But I assume that does not work for you.

Now generic, so costs may be more manageable now.

Drinking a lot of water is a symptom of diabetes.
Drinking that much water dumps a lot of electrolytes and iodine.
Loss of electrolytes may be a component if your panic attacks.
You need cal/mag supplements and vitamin-D3

You are creating too many threads. Now have to search multiple threads to gather context for you. ;(

E2 is the main driver of BPH, not testosterone or DHT. You need to get.stay near E2=22pg/ml to reduce effects of estrogens on your prostate.

Lower E2 increases fat loss potential.
Proper thyroid levels can restore metabolic rates that drive fat loss.
Cortisol levels are also a critical component of metabolic rate.

What the story re iodine replenishment and body temperatures?

What is A1C lab result lately?

Are you loosing weight?

Other metabolic rate concerns:
GH might be low which is indicated by IGF-1 lab work.
CoQ10 deficiency can slow down mitochondrial metabolic rate, slowing everything down.
Statin drugs can lower CoQ10, creating a deficiency, slowing everything down
Supplement with Ubiquinol form of CoQ10, note exact spelling.
There are CoQ10 lab tests


Sorry on the creating many threads, that is for lack of familiarity with forums (part of being old school)
I really could use a ? person to help manage my health. I’m slowly becoming educated but it’s a process. The different Dr’s are driving me crazy. Before TRT 13 months ago I didn’t take any meds.
I weigh 380-390#
Training and diet is super clean 13 months and no significant “Fat” loss
3200 cal on off days 3700 cal training days
higher carb on training days (3 cups brown rice) but in 13 months Ive mixed up the macro’s several different ways (even under 25 gm carb a day for 12 weeks)(no real weight change) I may loose 20# in 6 weeks just to adjust back up, in the next 10 weeks
Have muscled up a lot but still 30% body fat
No Dr has done A1C ever?
Tons of labs but no A1C
water intake is not from thirst but a forced behavior
Heavy weight train 4x a week, cardio 30min 5x a week
No statin drugs
not sure if coQ10 deficient
Did iodine replenishment protocol 7 months ago as per sticky, fixed the lab work on paper, (was slight low FT4 to start) but Dr is a "it’s in range prick"
He won’t even consider thyroid supplement now.
pre iodine replenishment
TSH 2.79 .34-4.0
FT4 .83 .58-1.64
FT3 2.06 2.00-3.30
willing to give supplement at this point but I said let me try iodine and selenium
12 weeks later
TSH 2.85 .34-4.0
FT4 0.79 0.56-1.64
FT3 2.46 2.00-3.30 (Dr said since Ft3 went up I’m fine)
RT3 15 9.0-27
shbg 20.1 13.3-89.5
I plan new thyroid panel in 10 weeks
I think my thyroid numbers suck but “in range DR” says fine and temps don’t mean anything. I

My morn temps 95’s
2hrs later possibly up to 96-97
Takes outside hard work to ever see 98.6
Iodine never effect temps for me, I still take maint. dose
Cal=1000mg a day
Mag=1000mg a day
Omega 3,6,9, complex 2 a day
D3 1600iu a day
DHEA 100mg
1000mg C
iodine at 300mcg a day plus iodized salt in diet

13 months TRT
Trt=150mg a week (was hitting 3ml (600mg a week for 4 weeks, up till 12 days ago)
Anastrozole 3mg a week (when I was on 600 mg T was still only 3mg a week adex)
15 mg a day meloxicam
I skipped 1 dose T last week and returned back to the last balanced dose for me which was 300mg a week, kept the adex the same, now dividing 300mg into 3 injections to try and control E2 better
when I skipped T dose I still took the adex
300mg T keeps my TT @ 500-600 with a high FT
600mg a week put me at a TT 1500 FT still high
Problem I think is:
at higher dose T E2 shot up to 49
at lower dose T was easy to hold 22-28E2
currently feel great again !!!No anxiety in 5 days
Just routing check up and Uro. throws this Flomax at me? I don’t think I need it? No peeing at night, DRE was perfect, PSA low
Dr’s like pushing drugs
Wife says I pee like an old man so I considered the Flomax, just don’t know anything about it.


Tadalafil also addresses that urine flow problem while having obvious benefits for erections.
Tadalafil also addresses that urine flow problem while having obvious benefits for erections.
Tadalafil also addresses that urine flow problem while having obvious benefits for erections.

When you double T, you need to double adex to hold E2 steady,

Don’t overlook the need for selenium for your thyroid.

You seem to be a hyper metabolizer of T or injecting only once a week and testing after 7 days.
Inject T more often and take adex at same time.


Tried Flomax… that sucked, so dizzy and hard to function, when training would get dizzy spell after most sets. I gave it 7 days to adjust but that never happened. Dr said stop the Flomax. Sent in script for Cialis but waiting for pre authorization from ins co. TRT injecting EOD 100mg, taking 1mg adex at injection. NO anxiety feel very good. Will do labs in 3 more weeks. Taking 1800mg saw palmetto a day for now, cant notice any difference. and I take 200mcg a day of selenium.