Floater in Vial, Abandon Cycle?

Test E, checked the vial very thoroughly upon receiving it, and every time I draw. 3 weeks in and whatever this guy is got in there somehow. Pretty positive it’s not a crystal, has anyone seen anything like this before?

Just a tadpol as long as he doesn’t turn into a frog your fine.


In all seriousness tho that makes me uneasy. Iv had a vial where there was a really small spec of something floating and I still used it I didn’t die but I’m not sure that’s the best advice to give.

Option 1- trash it
Option 2- draw and refilter into sterile vial
Option 3- live life on the edge

Tragic… oh well, now I can just start my second cycle that much sooner. Lmao

Just want to use this time to give my speech for anyone reading.

Always order extra gear not just enough. Shit happens including chicken embryos in vials

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Maybe a flaw in the glass ? or some fungul growth ? you could try pasteurising the vial . . . . assuming that cycles been going fine and theres been no ill side effects so far . . . one of the guys on this forum (sorry i forget who) suggesting leaving a needle in the cap whilst pasteurising to prevent the vial from bursting, seems like a neat idea.

By any chance do you re use needles or even reuse the syringe with a new needle?

Also are talking about the brownish spot or the tiny grey fleck next to it?

No I don’t, new needle & syringe every time. And it’s the brownish speck, it looks almost as if it’s a baby tick.

Plus 1 for refiltering into a new sterile vial.

I asked about reusing needles because a lot of biological material will oxidize. Actually black head pimples start out as almost white but they oxidize until they are black. That brownish color looks like something organic that is oxidizing. Mind you there is limited oxygen in that bottle so that could limit how much it can oxidize.

The question to answer is how did it get in there? It could have been something stuck to the septum when they bottled it. Heck it could have just been in the oil when the bottled it but it stuck to the top where you didn’t see it until it got knocked loose.

You can re sterilize the bottle in your oven. Get a needle not a needle and syringe, just the needle part. Stick it through the septum so it can vent hot air as the air expands. Make sure the bottom of the needle is not in the oil, you want it in the air space. Then put the bottle into your oven and bake it for about 30-45 minutes at 250. The plastic base of the needle is made out of polymer that doesn’t melt until like 320 degrees.

That will kill anything that might be living in the bottle, if the seal has been broken and something is getting in. After that you can filter it. If you get the .22 um filters that is small enough to catch most bacteria and the only other thing smaller that we worry about are viruses but they need a host to survive so. The 0.45 um filters won’t catch the smaller bacteria. So the 0.22 filter is almost another sterilizing action.

The last option if you are just a “fuck it” kind of guy is insulin needles. Basically switch to insulin needles and they should be fine enough to not suck that thing into them. If you search you can get 5/8 inch 29 gauge insulin needles. I use them to pin my shoulders where the skin is pretty thin. I don’t know if you can officially call it intramuscular but the needle tip does make it into the muscle.

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